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    what is you favourite filter ?

    Hence the word MINIMIZE . A good interpolation should have a MINIMAL loss. You'll obviously have more loss in two steps, than in a single one. perhaps each sprites should be scaled separately, in order to improve the blending ? I don't see why result would have a better quality with hardware than software. There should be only a difference of speed.
  2. extrabigmehdi

    what is you favourite filter ?

    If it's done in two steps, i.e enlarge, then sharpen, then it's not a true interpolation. Aim of "true" interpolation is to minimize loss of detail, and you can't recover efficiently lost details in a second step.
  3. extrabigmehdi

    what is you favourite filter ?

    well, I believe you are underestimating filters... In fact the word "filter" can be misleading , because for instance hq4x, is a true interpolation , not an effect applied to an already enlarged picture. I don't see how keeping jaggies, or loosing sharpness could be considered more accurate. Off course, if you are playing at 2x size, this is not enough, to see advantage of hq4x filter. In the case of "Wario Land 4" , the WHOLE game look better with this filter, I can't imagine not using it. If you want to stick to original, then play at 1x, with interpolation disabled :angel: Scanlines or bilienear plus are just for the fun, I don't see how filling half of the screen with fake informations could be considered more accurate. Well, I just played ff6 on SNES9X, and don't have lot of savestates for gba version. However, here's a comparison for the first fight: bilinear [attachment=58] hq4xS(mudlord) [attachment=59] I prefer the hq4x version :gfdrin: EDIT: At least I agree for textures, they look sometimes just worse with hq4x, but edges are better handled than with bilinear. That's why hq4x might be better for games with simplistic textures, like wario land 4.
  4. extrabigmehdi

    what is you favourite filter ?

    @SCHUMI4EVER We may just don't have same tastes... I like sharp graphics. Although in your example result would be more natural, when blurry... Well, I play with the windows maximized (almost full resolution , which is 1280x1024) . At this size , blurriness might become unbearable. At 2x, it might make no sense to use hq4x. I think hq4x is usually intended for a 4x enlargement ... In your example, hq4x improvement might not be obvious. However, now tell me which one look better , with this example taken from "Zelda The Minish Cap": no interpolation (nearest neighborhood) hq4xS(mudlord) [attachment=56] @Squall Leonhart Trilinear filtering is for anything involving 3D. I don't see any 3D in the gba.
  5. extrabigmehdi

    what is you favourite filter ?

    That's a bit suprising . These interpolation can be processed in two steps : horizontally and then vertically (or reverse), which help in processing time. Never tested this Lanczos2 HLSL, but I was just suggesting something better than the default bilinear offered. Lanczos2 is about same quality as bicubic, so better do a Lanczos3 :angel: It's just about how to waste the remaining power in order to improve more the quality .
  6. extrabigmehdi

    what is you favourite filter ?

    Well, theorically, interpolation based on a grid of 4x4 pixel should be better than one based on a grid 2x2. Bilinear filter, is a poor , quick, non-adaptive interpolation. A better non-adaptive interpolation, would be a lanczos, or a bicubic .... Hq4x, super eagle and so on... are adaptive interpolation. Advantage of adaptive interpolation , is that sharpness of edges are restored. Also adaptive interpolation interpolation try to eliminate jaggies, and because of this it might be rounding/eliminate edges we want to keep (what you call "loss of details"). I found the "hq4xS (mudlord)" was good at preserving sharpness of edges, removing jaggies, and not introducing too much artefacts. I don't know how to write a vba-m plugin, but I guess it could be fun to tweak them ... What about a hq6x plugin ?
  7. extrabigmehdi

    what is you favourite filter ?

    I tried one by one all filters, and found the filter "hq4xS (mudlord)", to provide the best results . Result look sharper & less aliased. By the way, I'm surprised that the built in filter (i.e option Pixel Filter/ Magnification/ 4X/ HQ4x) doesn't provide same result. And you, what is your favorite filter ?
  8. extrabigmehdi

    problem in main site about vba-m

    hi, if I go to this page: http://ngemu.com/gba I see in the left column that VBA-M is discontinued, and if I click on VBA link , it's still "Alive and kicking!". Fortunately, if you see news , you understand that VBA-M is still under development. By the way, why the svn 583 is not announced in news ? Is there something wrong with it ?
  9. extrabigmehdi

    missing "toogle menu" option

    hi, in the original version made by forgotten, pressing ESC made the menu appearing , which was convenient in full screen mode. Now pressing ESC, just switch to window mode, and I don't like that very much. At least if I could get the window "maximized" when pressing ESC this would be better, but this just doesn't work this way ... Is there a way to get my menu back in full screen mode ? And the option to make it appear/disappear, just like before .... thanks