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  1. Well that is some injust because VBA-M is the best fork / port / version , of VisualBoyAdvance. Well , in that case , you dont know if exist some TOOL for Convert the Saved Batterys & Saved States , from VBA/M to Mednafen ??? I dont like use Wine to Runs Windows Applications , i just use WINE , just for Play FF7 under Ubuntu ^^.
  2. Hi There i wanna know if possible obtain a "deb" file for "X64" machines and too , yesterday i had installed Ubuntu 10.10 , i Had Nvidia ( GeForce 7025 / n630a ) , but with you emulator ( i386 ) , the OpenGL dont work , i hear the roms , but i cant see anything But if i select "Cairo" , yes i can see "The Game" , but "Cairo" dont support Filters :=( Someone can helpme with this ??? Well appart from that , why the "MFC" Version , have much more options ???
  3. Hi there , you know the emulator Snes9x ??? well BearOSO , makeit an Awesome GTK Port called Snes9x-gtk , for debians users you can add the PPA Repository with the Follows command in a terminal : gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv C71839136CF5CE97 && gpg --export --armor C71839136CF5CE97 | sudo apt-key add - sudo sh -c 'echo "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/bearoso/ppa/ubuntu lsb-release main #Snes9x-gtk" >> /etc/apt/sources.list' sudo apt-get update If you wanna PPA with VBAM Gtk : gpg --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv EEB23232 && gpg --export --armor EEB23232 | sudo apt-key add - sudo sh -c 'echo "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ripps818/ppa/ubuntu lsb-release main #VisualBoyAdvance-Merge" >> /etc/apt/sources.list' you can use the Synaptic or Adept or Kpackageit or the terminal with the follows commands : sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install snes9x-gtk vbam vbam-dbg That is all ============================================ Snes9x-gtk Forum : http://www.snes9x.com/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?p=27084#27084 Well you can tell to BearOSO , to Help you with the GTK Version ??? Well i think the GVBAM need more things , for example when i Run "Emesene" if i run too Gvbam and load ROM , the ROM Ever Start , but i run Snes9x-gtk , works perfectly ^^ and i see the GTK Gui Need more Options what the emulator have , for Example "Cheats" ( GameShark , CodeBreaker , and more ) Well the "Bilinear" i think dont be a Filter in that list , i think the Bilinear and Bilinear Plus should be Options Above the Filter , to Use 2 Things for Example , in a Monitor with much Resolution , if you play in FullScreen i think the best options for Video in cases like that 1 - Activate Bilinear Plus , 2 - Use a Filter like 2xSai , and this make more better the Graphics ^^ Well this is just an idea , but if possible i like it ^^ Well i wanna make a Spanish Translations for the GTK Gui of VBAM , i make it translate to Spanish in Snes9x-gtk ^^ Im User of AMD64 ^^ (Now Using Ubuntu Karmic Koala 9.10) Well GoodBye , Thanks for Readme , and i sorry for my bad english
  4. I Have this version, sorry for the before Question jeje Well , someone know , in which specific version, be included the "Cheats" GUI ? I Wanna to try something, but i need to use the "cheats" Plz somebody tell me, i can use the "Xploder" cheats codes with VBA-M ? or just GameShark , GameGenie ??
  5. inukaze

    VBA-M - rev874 MFC [info and download]

    Hi, Where i can find the LAST version of VBA-M for Linux, with "gvbam" (GUI) , Someone know if the LAST version came with the "Cheats" (GUI) plz i wanna test that :=)
  6. i hate the english. -.-, well you dont have any external program or plugin to emulate LINK via lan or internet plx?
  7. Thank you, i have a last question Someone can emulate PSP games, from CSO files? with emulators how to : PSP Player, SAM, or PSPE?
  8. OK thank you. well you dont know another emulator with LINK support VIA Lan/Internet? or somes servers to play Snes, Nes, MegaDrive, Sms, o something possible like that?
  9. Well i need to desactivate Syncronize Option on the Menu???? obviosly mi internet connection its of 1024KB , is the max connection type of DSL on my country. well that explain why VIA LAN connect more and better, via LAN are 100MB/Segs. LOL Well, i supose itsn't playable from my country still Via internet Well, someone can tell me, if i can play VIA internet , with another emulator console, how NES, SNES, MegaDrive or something similar? or its the same thing?
  10. hehe Sorry for the LINK, well, its just for the guy , what say "no$gba" is just GBA, you know hehe well, its the best version of emulator for dual screen console, well. i really wanna this version VBA-M thank you for the right name i forget much. Well. you dont have used the MOD version VBA LINK? its good just for LAN i cant play via internet, the ROM freeze , when i try start a game with games how : Golden Sun 1,2 , Pokemon (All Versions) Zelda Oracles , Four Swords. i can play just via LAN well you dont know another emulator of GBA, with support LINK via LAN or Internet?
  11. man i had a version to run Nintendo DS games, search with google, WinDS PRO, and the first emulator, is no$gba, but just support Nintendo DS game, im playing, Castlevania Portrait of Ruin with that emulator and big brain Well, i need a LINK, via LAN or Internet, the version of no$gba with GBA support, just can emulate LINK in the SAME PC, i dont need that. im using VBA 180 LINK , but , i got a question in this case, why the GBA - M , have "LINK" in gray , but appear in the emulator? if nobody dont think make nothing with that? If you can, i can send you a version of no$gba just DS games, if you try GBA games , the emulator CRASH automatically. or if your preffer, download "WinDS Pro" you can find too in "www.softonic.com" you can see this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EblAj9auJs , is the program. or DD : *link removed* and see and try with you own methods. no$gba, is for GBA and DS.
  12. well i try with this emulator, i use that for emulate Nintendo DS. LOL i have a version of no$gba, just emulate Nintendo DS. ok i go to www.ngemu.com to find a GBA version well, i wanna this GBA-M , beacause its the best version i had used for that my question about LINK support in this version
  13. Hi hi hi, everyone, well i post, beacuse i have a big dude, i wanna know, the Windows and Linux version can Support de LINK emulation? i really wanna play for Example : Pokemon, Golden Sun, Zelda, Castlevania , using the LINK options, because the other version existence of VBA with LINK, show me a lots of errors with some games, for example Golden Sun 1, y cant connect via LAN or Internet, via lan show me a strange msj , lots of time, or via internet the emulator just freezen this happen with Zelda For Sword for example. I really wanna know what version or how to activate LINK?