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    Visual Boy Advance-M SVN 1025

    Yes, it's right. 1025 resivion used. Thanks, I will try another one =)
  2. DeLF.o_O

    Visual Boy Advance-M SVN 1025

    Hi there. Maybe, it is a noob thread, but I didn't find answer for this question yet. Problem description. Trying to play without any filters - it plays normally. When I trying to activate any graphic filter (Bilinear, 2xSAI, Scanlines, etc - doesn't matter), it immediately crashes. Also, in status bar of main window it writes that RPI plugins not found and their names in google are simillary with filter names. Maybe, I must download them somewhere? My PC: 4core AMD Athlon, 4GB Ram, old video card nVidia 9600 GTS (256 mb), Windows 7. Thanks. I tried to play with Kega plugins - same result.