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    Hidden Cheats

    I apologize for taking so long. You see, when I asked about getting cheats for the Pokemon games, nobody responded to my message. So my new message will be about Memory Editing using VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.2 (as opposed to VBA-M, which the forums are about). However, memory editing should work with both versions. I've been playing: Adventure Island Adventure Island II Bugs Bunny Super Mario Land 4 (Japan) All these titles I've described I played on VisualBoyAdvance 1.7.2. So how do you modify the memory for those so that the player (hero) can always be invincible and knock out the enemy simply by running into them? (On both Adventure Island games, the hero is accompanied by a flying whatchamacallit to make him invincible.) Answer if you know how. Conrad Hutterli III
  2. ConradHutterli

    Hidden Cheats

    I spent many hours playing Pokemon games on the VBA-M Emulator, and I never could find the following codes for all the Gameboy/Gameboy Color Pokemon games via the Code Search feature: Enemy Pokemon Faint Immediately (other than American Version) Buy Master Balls From Pokemart (other than American Version, also) Modify Wild Pokemon (1-151 in the Red/Green/Blue/Yellow versions plus 100 more in the Gold/Silver/Crystal versions) (yet again, other than American Version) Infinite Money (still other than American Version) I was, however, able to get the "Infinite HP" and "Infinite Move Power" codes for each game of Pokemon. By the way, are the Pokemon Modifier Digits for the Kanto games (Red/Green/Blue/Yellow) and the Johto games (Gold/Silver/Crystal) in the Japanese versions the same as the American versions? If so, I would like to hear it. If not, I'll find out for myself. Sorry I asked about requesting codes for Non-English versions (Japanese and other) of Pokemon. I would appreciate it if the four Code Search codes asked above are to be found. How is the effect achieved by not looking online for the codes, but by simply finding them in the Code Search? That ends my reply. Before I leave, in response to spacy51's reply to me, well...I am starting to get famous. I'll reply again tomorrow! Bye!
  3. ConradHutterli

    Hidden Cheats

    Hello. My name is Conrad Hutterli III, son of Conrad Hutterli II. I know the following game which I am about to discuss isn't English Version itself, but when I was playing Pokemon Red in German for the Visualboy Advance emulator (VBA-M version), I tried my very hardest to find the following codes which should have the same effect as the American Version: Wild Pokemon (and Opponent's Pokemon) faint immediately Buy Masterballs at Pokemart Wild Pokemon Modifier (excluding Missingno.) Infinite Money Those are all the codes I need. So what do I do? Go to the Memory Editor or do I search for cheats using what following methods? If you find a way, please give me detailed instructions.