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    Simple GUI launcher for Linux/SDL version

    I've been busy hacking VBA[-M] stuff again... Anyway, I know there's already a GTK+ interface (and the Qt 4 one in development), but since I don't have GTKmm on my system -- nothing else I use needs it -- it's not much use to me. So I've coded my own "interface" (actually, just a fancy launcher for the SDL version) that I can use on my own system, and I figured I'd share if anyone else has any use for it. Features: Written in Python (PyGTK) Simple interface -- single window Compatible with both VBA-M and original VBA Allows adding cheats with VBA-M Remembers last selected ROM, cheat codes Dunno if this would be much use in the VBA-M tree, since there's already a GTK+ interface (and Python + PyGTK = extra dependencies), but this seemed the most relevant forum to post it under, and I figure there's probably somebody else who would find this useful... at the very least it's a quick way to launch ROM's without having to go through the full VBA interface. Releasing as GPL'd (version 2). The file paths are UNIX-specific but it shouldn't be hard to tweak for other systems. EDIT: Updated with minor interface tweaks, support for enabling/disabling cheats. Screenshot: [attachment=62]
  2. martinultima

    GBC cheats (GameShark) + compile fixes

    Wow, fast response. Once I've got my own build environment updated I'll test the latest SVN.
  3. Currently running VBA-M (SDL version) as of 2008/07/20, plus a few patches. One of them is a functional fix -- I think I've already posted it here, but it's fairly small so I'll post it again -- and the other two are build fixes required on my machine. I just checked out the current SVN (2008/08/03) and these still applied without any errors, so I'm submitting them again so they can be integrated "upstream". All patches apply at -p0. vbam-gameboy-gameshark.diff.gz: Recognize GameShark codes (for original GameBoy/Color) passed with the --cheat option. Probably should have also added GameGenie, but this was enough to get me through Zelda: Oracle of Seasons The other two patches are build fixes that I needed on my machine. They actually just comment out or delete the offending sections of CMakeLists.txt -- I'm not familiar with cmake's syntax, so I took the path of least resistance here, but might at least be something so consider: CMakeLists.txt.diff.gz: Build without GTK-mm support. CMakeLists.txt.lirc.diff.gz: Build without LIRC support.
  4. martinultima

    Cheat patch for SDL version

    Just checked out SVN trunk. The new --cheat option certainly makes my life much easier However, SVN only seems to have added GameBoy Advance cheat support, not i.e. GameBoy Color -- if I forgot to mention my original goal was to use GBC Gameshark codes -- so I've uploaded a new patch that should fix that. This one's a lot shorter -- just four new lines of code -- a lot "cleaner" than the other patch too, since really most of the important bits were already there. By the way, slightly off-topic but I also had to patch the CMakeLists.txt slightly to build without GTKMM and LIRC -- cmake -DNO_GTK=1 didn't seem to work on my machine -- I can upload the patch for that too if anyone needs it.
  5. martinultima

    Cheat patch for SDL version

    Not sure how useful this will be, but I've got a patch for the SDL version of VBA 1.7.2 to add cheat support (currently GameBoy/Color only, not Advance, but shouldn't be too hard to extend): http://forums.ngemu.com/visualboy-advance-discussion/108222-patch-cheat-support-sdl-version.html I just heard about VBA-M earlier today, so I'm not sure how useful this is -- they suggested I check here -- but if you have any use for it, free for the taking Hope this might be useful somehow -- if it is I might try to help with the project if I have enough time -- I don't know much C/C++ so I probably wouldn't be much use with the programming, but maybe at least testing (particularly with Linux stuff).