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    [Fixed]Sound problems in Telefang 2

    I tried out the newest version of VBA-M, and Telefang 2 definitely sounds better now. Thanks so much for fixing it!
  2. I downloaded the brand new version of VBA-M: SVN1025. It has a new bug, though. If I play any GBC game with an internal clock in it (namely Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal or Telefang), I get this error message: Battery file's size incompatible with the rom settings Warning : save of the battery file is now disabled ! It still loads the save, but it cannot make a new save at all. I'm guessing this has to do with the fact that saves for games with an internal clock have slightly bigger filesizes? GBA games, such as Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, are not affected. And just so people don't say "This works fine for me," I was running this on Windows 7 64-bit. Hopefully I'm not the only one who experiences this glitch.
  3. So, I got a used Super Game Boy a couple of days ago, and noticed some things that should deserve mention. Most of these things are minor, but I'm a nitpicky person, so I'm going to mention them all anyway. The most noticeable thing when I played my Super Game Boy is that the sound is noticeably sharper (higher-pitched) than any other Game Boy, and seems to run slightly faster too. This might be because any Game Boy model other than SGB seems to run slightly slower than standard NTSC speed (see here). Thing is, this isn't reflected in any version of VBA. VBA-M seems to run at GB speed, even if it's in SGB mode. In any other version of VBA, like 1.7.2, the pitch (and maybe the speed itself, even though it's hard to tell) seems to be halfway between GB and SGB, regardless of which mode is selected. So, so far, no version of VBA seems to emulate this right. This also has a side effect too: Some games, like Mole Mania, adjust the sound pitch when played on an SGB. Therefore, Mole Mania sounds the exact same regardless of whether it is played on a GB or SGB. On any version of VBA, however, the sound is flat when run in SGB mode. There was a second thing that I noticed when playing Donkey Kong Land on SGB. When it loads anything at all (e.g. when going from one part of a level to another), the screen doesn't turn blank, but rather, it "freezes" for a second or two. This is properly reflected in VBA 1.7.2 and 1.8.0 (although, for some reason, it wouldn't show up in an AVI video), but not in VBA-M, where it just has a blank screen. To see what I mean, see , where I used 1.8.0 to play it and CamStudio to record the video. See how the screen freezes for a second? Lastly, supposedly the SGB has upgraded sound (directly from the SNES, I believe) in a few games like Donkey Kong 94 or Kirby's Dream Land 2 (although I don't own any such games, so I wouldn't completely know for myself). However, no version of VBA seems to have this extra sound; instead, when a SGB-exclusive sound effect is supposed to be played, instead there is no sound at all. So, yeah, that's all I have to say...
  4. Blaziken257

    [Fixed]Sound problems in Telefang 2

    I was wondering if anybody would ever acknowledge this... I do have an IPS patch that partially translates the game from Japanese to English, and yes, the save is influenced by the patch, but I'm still having problems even without using any IPS patch. I deleted the sav file, unchecked Auto-apply IPS/UPS/PPF, and still have the same issues. Here is a save state, in case it has anything to do with the sound settings: Again, only works for Power Version. Notice the sound difference? I do. It's like night and day. Since these save states are from brand new save files, I did not get very far, so there are less songs to listen to. If you want to cheat to go anywhere you want, try playing with RAM address 0x03004FA0 (Power Version) or 0x03004F90 (Speed Version). By the way, some time after I made this thread, I noticed that Telefang 2 has sound problems in almost every GBA emulator, not just VBA-M... and in every emulator I tried, it sounds different. Maybe Telefang 2 has some unique sound chip that is hard to support, or maybe Telefang 2 is so obscure that emulators weren't designed with it in mind? Here's a thread I made about this on a Telefang forum that I have -- according to people who have the game, VBA 1.7.2 is the most accurate emulator in emulating Telefang 2's sound. So, what does VBA 1.7.2 do right that VBA-M doesn't?
  5. Blaziken257

    [Fixed]A Sound issue in M&L

    This sounds like the same issue that affects Telefang 2 as well. I think...
  6. Blaziken257

    VMV recording desync

    It seems that on some games, recording a VMV file can desync -- the button presses, that is. For some reason, whether a movie desyncs or not depends on the game (from what I've seen, anyway). I've only really tested out builds 878, 896, and 904 here, and each seem to be identical with regards to this bug. First, I tried to record a boss fight in Kirby's Dream Land 2, and every time I attempt to record, the button presses get out of sync when I play it back. They start out fine, but it doesn't take long (usually less than a minute) for it to screw up. I have a file attached to demonstrate how it's messed up. You'll know when it desyncs when you see Kirby repeatedly and mindlessly running into King Dedede <_< Unfortunately, I don't have an AVI file to compare it to, because, well, I obviously can't make an AVI file if the VMV file doesn't work right. Another issue with VMV is that it's not friendly with the real time clock. Neither the VM0 nor VMV file will store the time when you recorded the video, so any game that relies on a real time clock (such as Pokémon and Telefang) will have videos desynced because the time is incorrect. I have attached a VMV/VM0 file for Keitai Denjuu Telefang - Speed Version (it won't work on Telefang Power Version, but if anybody wants to, I can make a separate movie for that, not that there's much of a point because it would be the same thing anyway). This short movie demonstrates what can happen when you try to play a movie back in a time-dependent game. Try playing the movie dozens of times, and you'll see that it's different each time you play it. The items that will appear when running in the grass (coins, hearts, diamonds) will be random every time. Also, the monster (more specifically, Denjuu) that appears about 10 seconds into the movie will be different as well (and the level is sometimes different too). So, either VMV/VM0 should be modified to include the time, or VisualBoyAdvance should use the VBM format that the TAS versions use, which DOES keep track of the time. It would be a lot more convenient if it was. Oh, and whatever is preventing KDL2 from being synced should be fixed too. And I'm pretty sure the problem is the game. After all, I have recorded videos on VBA-M of every single Donkey Kong Land game, and I have not run into desyncing issues there. They all play back perfectly! EDIT: Also tested build 904 as well.
  7. Blaziken257

    AVI recording bugs

    By that, do you mean uncheck Options -> Video -> Render API -> Vsync? And I don't see an audio sync option anywhere. The reason why I have Vsync checked is because the framerate is far smoother on my computer than if I leave it unchecked (this goes for all versions of VBA). But I guess I'll uncheck it for AVI recording... I'll try this and see if it helps at all.
  8. Blaziken257

    AVI recording bugs

    With VBAM build 878, the video/audio syncing seems to be better than before, but there are still some issues with it. - It seems that the audio is initially skewed approximately 150 milliseconds (0.15 seconds) ahead of the video. I'm not sure what the exact offset is, but whenever I use VirtualDub (v1.8.8, not that it should matter) to skew the audio of any video by 150 ms, it lines up without any noticeable desyncing. - Like many other previous versions of VBA, it also seems that the video's framerate is slightly fast, fast enough to cause a noticeable enough video/audio desync. How fast? Well, when I used VirtualDub to adjust the frame rate from 60fps to 59.85fps (go to Video -> Frame Rate, click "Change frame rate to (fps)", and enter 59.85), there was no longer a desync. Again, this estimate of 59.85 is probably very slightly off, but I didn't notice any more desyncing in 2-3 minute videos with this adjusted framerate. Therefore, before fixing any video, the framerate seems to be 60/59.85 of what it should be, or a little more than 1.0025%. (Another possibility is that the sound may be too slow, as opposed to the video being too fast, but I doubt it, because AVI videos SOUND right when I play them.) - While the GB/GBC "loading screen desync" bug has mostly been fixed, it still happens in some occasions (thankfully, nowhere near as many). I haven't tested this thoroughly yet, and I only tested two games so far with recording AVIs from VBAM 878, so I can only mention one case so far. In Donkey Kong Land, whenever the game loads a map screen, there is a case of a "loading screen desync" -- the video jumps ahead of the audio, and the AVI just cuts out most of the loading screen, which causes the desync. If you make an AVI of loading any map in DKL, you'll see that the loading screen is unusually short. I haven't yet seen any other cases of this in DKL, though. I've also made a few AVIs of Donkey Kong Land 2 from VBAM 878, and have yet to see any cases of "loading screen desyncs" in this game. I will report any other cases of "loading screen desyncs" if I find them in VBAM 878.
  9. Blaziken257

    [Fixed]Sound problems in Telefang 2

    VBA-M has a problem with the sound in the GBA game Telefang 2. With the exception of the music in the intro that you see when you first turn the game on, as well as the title screen music, all the songs in this game are messed up. One of the channels doesn't sound right at all. It is either not heard at all, or it sounds really buggy (and this behavior seems to be random and does whatever it wants). I am using build 781 (though I've seen -- er, heard -- this problem in earlier builds of VBA-M as well). The sound settings are all default -- but the sound is messed up whether I change them or not. I haven't seen this problem in VBA 1.7.2 (or its TAS fork), 1.8.0, or 1.7.3. Which means that if you want to hear how the game is SUPPOSED to sound like, use one of these versions (preferably 1.7.2, as it seems to be the most accurate for GBA games) to listen to the music. Oh, and I tried a few other GBA games, and they do NOT have the same problem as Telefang 2 does. (It's funny because the first Telefang game actually sounds better in VBA-M than in any other version of VBA.) EDIT: Forgot to upload a save file (apparently I'm supposed to do this when reporting a bug). Here's a complete save of the Power Version (does NOT work on Speed Version!). Since the game is complete, you have access to all areas, and therefore you can listen to a lot of the music. To run, hold down the R button. (I had to mention that because not many of you have likely played, let alone heard of, this game.) I had to make the file a ZIP file because it wouldn't let me upload SAV files.
  10. Blaziken257

    [FIXED]Super Game Boy Border Glitch

    When playing Donkey Kong Land 2, I came across an annoying glitch. The Super Game Boy border for Donkey Kong Land 2 doesn't look right at all. I'm using build 727 (the newest one as of this time). Here is what it looks like in build 727: Here's what it SHOULD look like: Basically, anything black turns to white. I've only seen this in Donkey Kong Land 2, but I'm guessing that any game where part of the border is black will turn to white. I've also seen this bug in re-recording v20, and bulid 470, and build 589. I haven't tried any other VBA-M versions, but I wouldn't be surprised if this bug was present in other VBA-M versions. It's not in 1.7.2, 1.7.3, or 1.8.0. Oh, and if this means anything, my settings are: - Direct3D: Filter: Nearest, Motion Blur (Direct3D is not checked) - OpenGL: Filter: Nearest - Triple Buffering
  11. Blaziken257

    AVI recording bugs

    I remember when recording the actual footage of the game (i.e. when you choose "Start movie recording...") that was glitchy too, particularly with GB and GBC games. Sometimes, whenever there is a loading screen, the movie would just instantly stop recording by itself without even telling you, which is very aggravating when playing it back and realizing that it stops in the middle of it. Of course, THIS bug, like the video/audio desync bug, was also fixed in the TAS version. There are actually many things I liked about the TAS version, but the only reason why I don't use it is because the sound quality, which is based off of 1.7.2, is vastly inferior to VBA-M.
  12. Blaziken257

    Wario Land 3

    Does anybody know how to reproduce that bug? I've seen it in previous versions of VBA, but for some reason, it only happened some of the time, and worked fine other times, and I never figured out why that was. Oh, and by the way, I don't think this problem is limited to VisualBoyAdvance. I know someone who has a Mac and uses KiGB, and had the same problem. And the only walkthrough on GameFAQs says it happens in No$GMB as well, and this walkthrough was probably around before VisualBoyAdvance was.
  13. Blaziken257

    AVI recording bugs

    You're welcome... I found some more bugs by the way... should I create a new topic (since it has nothing to do with AVI recording) for each one, or continue posting them in this topic? Also, I realized that the problem with the first bug seems to be caused by mixing up red and blue values.
  14. Blaziken257

    AVI recording bugs

    I have found two annoying problems when trying to record AVI videos. I'm using build 589, which I think is the latest one. My video settings are: Filter: Nearest OpenGL - Filter: Nearest Triple Buffering The first bug is that the color is completely botchered in any videos I record with this version. This seems to be new with VBA-M, as I've NEVER seen it in VBA 1.7.2, 1.7.3, 1.8.0beta3, re-recording19, or re-recording20. I have a few screenshots to show what happens in the AVI videos I try to create. The left is what it SHOULD look like (which is a screenshot from the game), the right screenshot is taken from one frame of the AVI video I tried to make. As you can see, it doesn't look right AT ALL... It seems to hate reds, oranges, browns, and yellows, which makes them all blue, and it doesn't like blue either, which it turns to orange. And the green turns to a more lime green. The only color that doesn't seem to be affected is purple. And by the way, the problem isn't the game, because I've made many videos from this game on past versions of VBA without this problem. But just to make sure, I tried another game as well (once again, the left is a screenshot from the game, and the right is one frame from another AVI video): Yep, same problem. Now, another bug, which has been around since the beginning (however, this problem isn't present in TAS versions, interestingly enough, but it is in all other versions). AVI videos have nasty desynching issues. The biggest problem is that every time there is a loading screen (i.e. a white screen, such as when you exit an area and enter another) when playing a GB or GBC game, the video jumps ahead way too far and gets ahead of the sound. And when a video has tons of these loading screens, the video jumps so far ahead that it may not even be remotely close to the sound. I think this is because the emulator thinks it's lagging when it happens -- notice that when you encounter a loading screen by entering some other part of the game, the speed that the emulator shows drops down to around 80% or so for about a second. Here are two crude diagrams I whipped up to give you an idea of how VBA handles AVI videos: This is what theoretically SHOULD happen when you record and you come across a loading screen: However, this is what really happens... the video portion jumps ahead, because VBA thinks it's lag: And even without this loading screen issue, the video overall goes slightly faster than the audio -- I'm not sure exactly how much faster, but it's enough to cause the sound to lag behind by at least one second in a video that's at least two minutes long without loading screens. Whew -- this was a long post. But I hope I made my point across.