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    Disable PowerManagement Option

    I would like to suggest an option to keep screensaver/screen timeout/sleep mode from coming on like Zsnesw, Epsxe, Mame, etc. P.S. Forgive me if I've asked this before here, it's hard for me to keep track with all the emus out there.
  2. shinra358

    Gui Path Additions/Tweaks

    Oh aight. Thank you.
  3. shinra358

    Gui Path Additions/Tweaks

    Does that mean that I grabbed an old/wrong version or does that mean GBC can't be separated from GB atm?
  4. shinra358

    Qt GUI feature suggestion thread

    Doh! Alrighty.
  5. shinra358

    Bios Color Function Suggestion

    Oh ok. How about if we can set hotkeys to the emulator to change those colors on-demand?
  6. shinra358

    Gui Path Additions/Tweaks

    1. Is that done in an unreleased new version? Because I only see gameboy and gameboy advance separate rom config paths. Not gameboy color. (1025) 2. How about have the option to save to the path of the rom instead if a separate location is not specified (like the old version)?
  7. shinra358

    Gui Path Additions/Tweaks

    -I would like to suggest to add a separate Gameboy Color rom path slot in the configure paths section of the emulator. -Also I would like to suggest to add Gameboy Advance, Gameboy, and Gameboy Color separate save slot path options in the configure paths section of the emulator instead of just one save path for everything. This is so that we can keep roms and saves organized per system so that they won't be all mixed up. -By default, could the coders make every path directable to the folder that the emulator is in instead of through the hidden application data folder? This way we can keep track easily of what is going on with the emulator in one general location.
  8. shinra358

    Bios Color Function Suggestion

    I would like to suggest that when playing on modes greater than original GB, the when the bios displays, you are able to press the directional buttons to change the palette coloring like on the real systems.
  9. shinra358

    Qt GUI feature suggestion thread

    I would like to suggest that the gameboy player (gamecube) would be emulated and somehow merged within the emulator (QT Gui) to show different borders that you can choose when playing games without borders and have it function similarly to the gameboy player. When some key is pressed, an overlay will appear over the emulator and this is when you would choose which border to pick (while rom is active [similar overlay formula like zsnes's overlay when you switch to the emulator options while playing]). Would function like: [video=youtube] @6:17 Will overlay similarly while functioning like: