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  1. padoverc

    Remove Recently Opened list on Ubuntu

    Nevermind, I ended up just uninstalling, then clearing all orphaned packages with tweak, then reinstalled. Now it works.
  2. padoverc

    Where is the "Open recent" list saved in gvba-m?

    Figure I would ask here too. Is it possible to erase entries in the "open recent" list? As in, start all over? I already tried uninstalling and reinstalling VBA-M, but that didn't remove the list.
  3. padoverc

    Remove Recently Opened list on Ubuntu

    Hi. I just installed VBA-M on Ubuntu 11.04. For some reason, it would not open 3 of the 4 games I downloaded (.GBA files, that I know work as they run fine on VBA on my windows pc) so I deleted them. Now, recently opened is showing all 4 of the files, and even if I click on the file that works, it defaults to advance wars 2 black hole rising that i removed. How can I remove those entries from the list?