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  1. yes some cartridges use GB/GBC infrared for linking,like these games: Bomberman MAX Blue Champion Bomberman MAX Red Challenger Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets Mary-Kate and Ashley: Pocket Planner Mission Impossible (thanks SparTonberry) Super Mario Bros DX (combine your high score table with a friend's) Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal (get mystery gifts) Pokemon TCG (thanks Nionel) Robopon (technically doesn't - it has its own infrared sensor built into the cart) Xena: Warrior Princess (supposedly, but I can't find more details online) so the VBA-M are plan to support it?
  2. Do you Really tested this game? please post your useing ROM's Information for test and verify it's a bad/hacked ROM,here are my(attach file)
  3. Not,"press start" screen work fine in svn 945
  4. "Press Start" Screen issue:1952 - Mario Party Advance (U) My Vba-M svn:1030 useing svn 1030 load this game,when "Press Start" appear,Look Attachment