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  1. libastral

    Super Gameboy graphics palette

    I want to play Batman: Return of the joker with the colors like on this video: http://cinemassacre.com/2012/07/19/mike-reviews-some-batman-games/ Can someone give me color values or share ini?
  2. libastral

    Visual Boy Advance-M SVN 1025

    same problem here, it runs without crash only if i use no filters at all, hopefully it will be fixed cause hq4x looks good also, the savestates aren't working (crashing emulator sometimes) and reset/pause work only if i choose it in the menu, and any keyboard hotkey just freezes the game until i press pause 2 times in the menu. also battery sav files loads ok, but it says it can't save them for some reason, (the ones i downloaded from zophar)
  3. libastral

    Wasapi exclusive output option

    This mode allows perfect bit-to-bit audio output without any postprocessing or interpolation on W7 and vista.