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  1. sandman06

    "player 2 disconnected"

    so we can not link anygame by opening up two VBA-M at the same time? if we enable the wireless addaptor? so for instance i open one leaf green and a fire red and trade pokemon back and forth through them.
  2. sandman06

    Fire red ingame saving problem

    where do i find it and how do i use it? or is there a thread that i can read??? thanks
  3. sandman06

    Fire red ingame saving problem

    whats the vbaover file??
  4. sandman06

    Fire red ingame saving problem

    Im trying to play Pokemon fire red and i have used the VBA-m shift-F1 save and once i beat the Pokemon league you need an in-game save to continue after that and I am not able to continue after the Pokemon league. When I go to save in-game it says "please exchange the backup memory" secondly when i go to open the game it says the "1M circuit board is not installed" is there any way to fix these problems?