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  1. Immediately ran into an exception. The particulars: - SVN 904 - ROM: Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the Past & Four Swords (U).gba Started a game, A Link to the Past. Walked into castle. Got sword & shield from uncle. Saved game (battery). Shift-F1 for save state. *Exception* Back to SVN 896. No problems with this ROM. Thanks for the continued support! Edit: Now I'm thinking I used the "Detect now" function for saving with 896. So I'm not entirely sure it's as simple as I made it sound above. I haven't used detection for any other ROMs with 896, though. It has worked flawlessly so far (but no Pokemon ROMs tried yet).
  2. Cobra951

    Happy B-Day Mud and Spacy!!!

    Happy birthday! Kudos to you guys for what you do for the emulation scene. Just yesterday I realized one of the best PJ64 graphics plugins is Mudlord's. I hope you both have many more birthdays.
  3. Cobra951

    How to compile on linux?

    Stupid question from a Veteran Windows programmer and very limited Unix programmer: Why does so much Linux installation involve code compilation? Are the distros that different, or is it related to a much wider array of possibly incompatible hardware (than what Windows users have to deal with)?
  4. Cobra951

    Mother 3 translation message...

    The issue is usually not an emulation failure, but a non-obvious keypress, at least on some builds other than Windows. I've had no trouble, but I keep seeing this question (and answer) pop up, from users on other platforms. . . . except that he has Windows. Whatever.
  5. Cobra951

    Removing pixel filters

    I use Super Eagle mostly, and occasionally Super 2xSAI. As long as those stay, I'm good. But I wonder why it would be necessary to remove any as an anti-bloat step? To me, bloat is code that weighs down performance. These are mutually exclusive options, and the only encumbrance on performance should come from the one the user selects. No?
  6. Cobra951

    [split] Windows VBA-M build with UPS support

    Heh. Yeah, the more I thought about it, the more obvious it seemed. D3D bilinear filtering has to be the last step in the process, since it's external to the emulator and goes straight to the display. Any zoom filters internal to VBA are going to do their thing ahead of it, outputting a resized frame. Let me hasten to add that it's a good thing the 2 kinds of filtering stack nicely when zoom > internal-filter resize. Please don't change that. :heh:
  7. Cobra951

    [split] Windows VBA-M build with UPS support

    I always used "D3D nearest", because I was thinking HQ2x (or whatever filter) would render better on "vanilla" image rather than on a "pre-filtered" image... So, you say that if I want the better video quality, I should rather choose "bilinear" rather than "nearest" ? thanks for your response It seems to me that the D3D bilinear filter is applied to the internally filtered image. I use a 2X filter on 4X zoom, and I'm fairly sure that this is the order in which the filtering happens. The area is quadrupled with Super Eagle and then quadrupled again with D3D filtering. Otherwise the (good) results don't make sense. Edit: Also note that this would mean bilinear filtering would do nothing at all if you use a 2X filter on 2X zoom (or 3X on 3X, or 4X on 4X). In that case, D3D has nothing to do but pass the pixels along (as it should be).
  8. Cobra951

    Mother 3 Fan Translation is out

    Yes! KunaiTeam alerted me about its impending release in the OS-X build's thread in the Suggestions forum. I've been checking daily, and just got the patch late last night. So far, works very well in VBA-m SVN 727 (which seems to take *slightly* less CPU than 750, which is why I reverted for GBA games). It looks absolutely professional. I think Nintendo should take this and use it themselves to release the game officially, giving credit and perhaps paying some royalties too. 2 reasons (other than "not invented here" pride) that will never happen are the GBA not being current and the plan to drop the GBA slot from the next DS variation.
  9. Thank you for your continuing support. I've been using this build for several days, with no new problems to report.
  10. Cobra951

    Problems with Castlevania COtM

    Here is a rar file with the battery file and a save state from SVN 727 at the final battle. This guy's easy with summoning magic, but take him on with the whip and a ghost familiar (DSS: Saturn + Serpent, activate with L). Heal with Uranus + Unicorn as needed (D, DR, R, RU, U, attack). The slowdown is most evident while there are many things happening onscreen, such as when he is in multiple-bat form and the familiar is whittling him down. It's not my PC struggling--performance stays at the usual 98-100% without fail. The game in question on the battery file is the 2nd slot, WAMPYR. I have the emulator set for no throttle, no frame skip, synched to audio. Audio API is DirectX, 44.1 kHz with interpolation and the filtering option around 2/3rds to the right. Thanks!
  11. I've been playing through COtM for a few days now under SVN 727. Since the game uses 2 control mechanics that require discrete directional inputs (UP for special attack, implying lack of an up vector in the input to avoid launching special attacks; and double-tap to dash) I opted for using the keyboard. The problem is that joint inputs fail very often. I sometimes have to hold UP for at least a second before the attack button will dutifully respond by throwing an axe rather than whipping. I tried the game under VBA 1.8 beta 3, and did not experience this lag in double-input response. Nyko-pad input on both emulators also works fine. KB-polling problem of some sort? When I got to the final boss, I experienced severe virtual-machine slowdown during the battle with his last form. There are less-pronounced slowdowns during other boss battles as well. This problem does not happen in VBA 1.8 b3. (I'm inclined to think that this may be an audio issue, but perhaps the breakups there are only a symptom.) On the plus side, VBA-m displays card and DSS information. (VBA 1.8 b3 shows only a blank.) VBA-m uses significantly less CPU, allowing me to use a better 2x filter. Thank you so much for your good work. My system: Dell Dimension 8100, 2.4-GHz Northwood P4, intel 850 motherboard, 768 MB dual-channel RDRAM, Nvidia 128MB 256-bit GF FX 5900, Creative Audigy 2 audio card, Windows XP.
  12. Cobra951

    [FIXED]Dinput Joystick/joypad support iffy.

    Ah. OK, I'm not crazy, and neither is my system. My Xbox 360 pad through the XBCD driver exhibits that behavior. I had to switch to a Nyko pad I have handy (which is fine, because the D-pad on the 360 controller is horrendous).
  13. Thank you for consolidating more of the code into the main exe. Works well.
  14. Cobra951

    [FIXED]Sound issues

    Hello. I've been running SVN595 most of the day without problems. Then I found 698, which needs some extra files. I found the MSVC '08 redistributable, no problem. But the qt441 file is MIA. This link from the readme file is dead: http://vba-m.com/vbam/vbacompiles/msvc2008sp1/qt/qt441.7z I'm searching for it out there, but so far, no luck. I keep getting Linux hits. I'm running under Windows. Thanks. Edit: Oops. I don't need this. I got no sound from 698 at first, and I assumed the missing qt file was responsible. For some reason, volume was set to "mute" under "Core settings . . .". Sorry. But that link really is dead.
  15. Cobra951

    what is you favourite filter ?

    Why would it cause a loss? Interpolation is an educated guess of what data should go in the in-between pixels after scaling up an image. The idea is to *add* information. The original pixels should not be touched. After much fiddling, I decided I don't like any of the 4x filters. I prefer a few of the 2x filters on 4x magnification, with D3D filtering taking it the rest of the way. I settled on Super Eagle, though I prefer HQ2xS. The problem is that HQ2xS uses up almost all my CPU. I hope to see some optimizations here. Being a VBA-M n00b, I have a basic question. When I first fired up the emulator, I was treated to a simulation of the LCD-screen look. After messing with the filters, I could not figure out how to get that LCD filter back. Help? Thanks.