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    what was the last game you bought?

    (First - most recently bought) The Darkness II The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Assassin's Creed: Revelations Edit: ROFLOL 2 years late.
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    Slowdowns While Linking With Dolphin

    Yeah, something like that except I can run several copies of dolphin & vba with no slowdowns (unless there's a link between them, of course) so I didn't think it's that. and the specs are I don't even know if it's good but I know that I can run many games at the same time, is this link actually requiring that much CPU? and if that's really the problem, then why is only the GBA game effected by it? And when I used the other copy of the game, the one that was a japanese version, it stopped lagging eventually, how come? I didn't actually change anything And if that is the problem, what can I do about it? Sorry for all those questions, I'm just a begginer with all these stuff so yeah. Thanks! Shay.
  3. Hey! So, here's the deal: I've got 2 games, Pokemon Ruby (GBA) and a Pokemon bonus disc (GameCube), and I wanna connect them so I can get a rare pokemon only obtainable that way. So, I've got GBA-M and Dolphin, and tried to create a connection. It all went well, untill I actually connected the 2 emulators, and then the gba game started moving really slow, like, 1 frame, then a minute of freeze, then another frame and so on. I've had another version of Pokemon Ruby before, and the freezing stopped after about 30 minutes, but then I found out that it was the japanese version while I needed the US one so I had to find a new rom, and the freezing just doesn't stop, and it was on for a whole night. I'm not really sure what's the build and stuff, but when I go to help>about VBA-M, then that's what I get: I tried to download the most recent version before opening this thread but when I'm trying to open it I get a message saying 'error opening event', and that's it... I know I'm supposed to add a screenshot but I didn't know what screenshot to take and I don't know a good free software for taking videos, so I didn't do it, but if that's really necessary then let me know and I'll work it out. Also, tell me what other details you need... And another thing... I'm really new to all these stuff, so please try to explain it with as much details as you can I don't even know if that's the right forum