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  1. Erzesel

    new german localisation aviable

    Three years are gone away... It's high Time to send an Update for the german localisation of VBA-M The new localisation is based on the Resources of svn 1030b , but it's down-compatible for Version above the 900s.
  2. Erzesel

    Mystic Quest saving does not work

    Test to set "don't change batterysav" in File ->Load game. Then your Batterysav. gets untoutched from Quicksaves. In other fact an Quicksave made bevor you saved in the game, overwrites the Batterysavfile with owne Data(in your case with empty slots )?
  3. Erzesel

    new german localisation aviable

    Normal... if you dont need an Localisation than you're not intressted in this. I knew many years of the localisations, but i don't needed somthing of this and forgot this. I remember it as an Girl asks for an localisation in an german Board and begonne with the work. Localisations are probmatical as noone have an appropriate understood. for examble is "leipziger allerlei" not "all kinds of leipzig(german city)"! It's an vegetable meal. The SpecialTools Dialogs of VBA are hard nuts, to found approbriate translations.
  4. Erzesel

    new german localisation aviable

    Update vba_deu.dll to svn781
  5. Erzesel

    [split] Windows VBA-M build with UPS support

    its true ! I made 2 Screenshots zoom 4x Filter HQ4x near [attachment=115] bilinear [attachment=116] its the same NO!!!!!!!! It's the same Speed! (the last Digit can be Error by my owne Reaction) I prefer to set D3D bilinear!
  6. Erzesel

    new german localisation aviable

    THX spacy for svn750 @midnight nightwork 've fast updated vba_deu.dll to svn 750 good night
  7. Erzesel

    new german localisation aviable

    yep! why not? VBA-M based on VBA 1.80 and can also load translated (changed) resourceces from an external vba_xxx.dll in the programdirectory(xxx are 3letters of the countrycode). DEU is the code off germany. VisualBoyAdvance.exe->options->ui language... to change the lang. To make an translation is no more needed as Reshacker ,VisualBoyAdvance.exe(to get the new res),an old vba_xxx.dll (to insert the new res. ... compiler or so not needed. i attatach the src off version 1.72 an the bin that used to insert the res.
  8. Erzesel

    new german localisation aviable

    some old localisations for VBA are not full combatible whith some new options in VBA-M. this updated vba_deu.dll is based on resources of VBA-M svn727. Menu and Dialogs are translated into german.