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    Aspect Ratio (on linux)

    Having a QT GUI is for sure a good thing, but will it be possible to set stretch mode per commandline switch / config file / key? In other words will the whole functionality of the backend be accessable without the GUI? Oh and before forget, thanks for making this very nice crossplattform GameBoy emulator. I play Castlevania-AoS and it's great fun.
  2. phorsyon

    Aspect Ratio (on linux)

    This option seems not available in the linux version. There is neither a commandline switch or a config entry. There is a 'borderOn' and a 'borderAutomatic' switch, but I could't figure what they do.
  3. phorsyon

    Aspect Ratio (on linux)

    Many people these days got widescreen Monitors/TVs, so it would be nice if VBA-M had an option to not preserve aspect ratio. As you know GameBoy games can be very addictive, so if you play several hours this could also prevent the screen burn effect.
  4. phorsyon

    VBA-M Configuration

    OK, I got the source from the svn, compiled it, copied the example config and tried really hard to understand the explaination of the mapping format. It just confusing. # Key configuration (all numbers are in hexadecimal!) # # Keys values are in the format YXXX where Y is the device number. 0 means # keyborad and XXX is the SDL define for the desired key (read SDL_keysym.h). # # If Y is greater than 0, it means joystick number Y-1 and it uses the # following format for XXX: # # - if XXX < 20, XXX is the axis number multiplied by 2. An even number means # movement to the negative side (on the X axis, it means left). An odd # number means movement to the positive side (on the X axis, it mean # right). For the Y axis, negative means up and positive means down. # X axis is usally axis number 0 and Y is axis number 1. # - if 20 >= XXX > 30, then XXX is the HAT number multiplied by 4 plus the # direction: 0 for up, 1 for down, 2 for right and 3 for left. Example: # 0021 is HAT 0 down, 0026 is HAT 1 right. # - if 80 >= XXX > 100, XXX is the joystick button number (XXX-080). But I figured it means: Key format is YZXX Y = the number of the gamepad. 0 means keyboard. Z = seems to be always 0. (Aleast it looks like in the example) XX = mapped key Axis goes from 00 >= XX < 20 e.g. for 1st x,y axis: Left=00, Right=01, Up=02, Down=03 e.g. for 2nd x,y axis: Left=04, Right=05, Up=06, Down=07 HATs goes from 20 >= XX < 30 e.g. for 1st HAT: Up=20, Down=21, Right=22, Left=23 e.g. for 2nd HAT: Up=24, Down=25, Right=26, Left=27 Buttons goes from 80 >= XX < 100 e.g.: Button1=80, Button2=81, etc. pp.
  5. phorsyon

    VBA-M Configuration

    Hello folks! Yesterday somebody told me about a cross-platform GameBoyAdvanced emulator called VBA-M, so I decided to give it a shot. Besides some win32 and win64 builds I also found a source package that successfully compiled and runs under linux (64-bit). http://vba-m.com/vbam/vbasources/vbamSRC245.rar The problem is that it doesn't create default config files. I expedted it to create a folder like $HOME/.vba-m/ containing default configs. Setting --fullscreen and --filter per command line is no problem, but howto setup a gamepad?