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    Sound and Throttle Issue

    I thought the projects were the same, I guess it's better if I use your guys' work then. Thank you, I'll do that.
  2. ActionShot

    Sound and Throttle Issue

    I seem to have a problem with my emulator. I am currently using VBAlink version 1.8, however, I need have a previous version (version 1.72) because switching emulators would fix the problem, but that wasn't the case. Anyway, I don't know if my problem is unusual or if I did anything wrong, but no matter what I game I play, the speed up toggle function doesn't turn off. It has to do with sound....somehow. For whatever reason, whenever I have the sound muted/off the game increases its speed between 247-405%. When I turn the sound back on, it goes back to normal speed. To troubleshoot the problem, I adjusted the frame rates, played with the sound settings numerous times, and even reset the emulator about 10 times. I eventually thought that rebooting my entire computer would have done the trick, but that has also proven futile. As mentioned before, I also updated my emulator, but that also did nothing. I hope that I can find assistance for this strange occurrence, but if all else fails, I guess I have to work my way around it. Thank you for taking the time to read this lengthy post.