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  1. tysonrss

    Nrage Input Plugin 2.3c

    I really hate the person that updated this plugin. It broke the transfer pak. I can choose gb directory but only with the mempak plugin but it doesn't let me choose what game to use. And toggling the transfer pak option does nothing.
  2. tysonrss

    GBC+SGB Border feature (like in Rew)

    Not to mention the lk-hhj-ff section that has been quite buggy itself.
  3. tysonrss

    Translation Project

    :badger: Is that for an emulator?
  4. tysonrss

    Translation Project

    No no, they are translating to English, they just didn't have a screenshot of it in english form. That's why it would be wasteful lol
  5. tysonrss

    Translation Project

    Lol it's not that simple. They have their stuff in files somewhere not accessible to the public. Besides, they're almost done it'd be a waste of time.
  6. tysonrss

    Translation Project

    Lol that just means I have knowledge with rom hacking, not programming. Apparently the guys at Kakkoi are still working on the project as I talked to one guy there. He said a friend did some routines in the game and modified some parts to deal with the whole shortened space and alphabet thing. They inserted a new font as well. This is the font. It appears that they don't want any help because they have 2 portions of translating left. I guess we could do a translation with the sequel even though it has one already, it's just very poor..
  7. tysonrss

    Translation Project

    Unfortunetly I don't posses the skills to build a program lol. Sorry for the late reply, my internet was down since we switched providers. EDIT: Apparently from what I read, there is no space in the game to do a translation. Which means one would have to make a dump of the text itself and delete them. The problem lies in finding the strings with the pointers that point to the texts that corresponds with the string itself... EDIT 2: Well I read that one could expand the rom, so I guess that works too.
  8. tysonrss

    Translation Project

    Ahhh...it's been so long since I worked with a hex editor. Last time I did anything like this was when I was hacking a Pokemon Silver rom, I had the unicode "transformation" sheet which helped me find the words but I doubt anything like that exists for this game since its not that popular.
  9. tysonrss

    Translation Project

    Kakkoi That's a place I found some dumps at, sort of. Apparently there are people that are trying to attempt this as well since Kakkoi himself quit the job. Maybe I'll dump the text myself, the problem with that is I have to find teh time to do it. I have to study for ASVAB, and fit Zelda into that schedule so usually..there is little time for such a strenuous task lol
  10. tysonrss

    Translation Project

    I've never done a translation either and I only know the symbol for demon king lol so I dont know Japanese either, but I figure that it can't be that bad if you know the series and how things play out, right? There might be a dump of text from the game somewhere, so I light look into it so I can structure it correctly.
  11. tysonrss

    Translation Project

    I would like to form a team of dedicated people to translate the Super Gokuden series for the SNES, being one of my favorite(and one of the best)DB games ever, I feel it really needs a translation. It also has mini games for the training sessions. This particular games starts from the beginning of Goku's adventure to the end of King Piccolo Daimo. It's fun and I would like to make a decent translation, we don't have to go through the game's text to get an understanding, I guess we could fan translate it, considering I have a basic understanding of what is being said since I know the anime all too well.
  12. tysonrss

    Getting Closer to Releasing IodineGBA

    In all honesty, if this was for DS, I'd be more excited, but there are enough PC emulators.
  13. tysonrss

    VMV movies losing sync

    Doesn't BGB have the movie feature? If what Squall says doesn't work, try BGB.
  14. tysonrss

    VBA slowdown idk why

    When I said I delete the emulator, that includes all the files that it comes with..
  15. tysonrss

    VBA slowdown idk why

    Really? How come the settings stick around globally then? The settings are applied for every VBA emulator, say if I have 2 or 3 each in different areas, the settings are always the same as I configured the first one. Regardless if I delete them or not.