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    There was no driver set. Now it is set, Project 64, N-Rage and fedit all rumble when they should without crashes or errors. Thanks very much for your help Squall!
  2. Mush Man


    On launching the program, it gives me the error "Warning: Could not disable auto-centering spring in the device.". Running the software with a Constant Force for 1 second and Ramp for 1 second after causes the following log and no controller rumble. 00000000: Couldn't create the effect! 00000001: hResult = 0x80004001 : Function not supported 00000002: Couldn't create the effect! 00000003: hResult = 0x80004001 : Function not supported 00000004: Effect is NULL, so can't play! 00000005: Effect is NULL, so can't play!
  3. Mush Man


    I am running Windows Vista 32-bit (Service Pack 2), so I don't have a syswow64 folder. The xbcdr.dll file in system32 is 23.0 KB (23,552 bytes).
  4. Mush Man


    I upgraded Visual Studio 2010 C++ Redist from no Service Pack (SP0) to SP1 but I'm still experiencing the same issue. I have received updates from Windows Update and restarted. Not sure if it'll help, but here's a screenshot of most of the Visual Studio stuff I have installed. (Only MS VS2010 Tools for Office Runtime x86 is not shown.) http://i.imgur.com/eVytE.png Forgot to mention I'm using the latest XBCD (0.2.7) and haven't had a previous verison installed.
  5. Mush Man


    I'm also having trouble getting my 360 controller to work. I downloaded the XBCD drivers as instructed in the Troubleshooting Rumble section of the included documentation of the N-Rage plugin, however, whenever I test rumble in N-Rage (V2 2.3b), Project 64 (both 1.6 and 1.7) crashes. Testing rumble in the XBCD Setup Utility works for both activators. I am using a standard wired XBOX 360 controller (hardware ID: USB\VID_045E&PID_028E). I've also confirmed that rumble doesn't occur ingame: there is no rumble when a save game is loaded in The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time. Am I missing something or is this a software issue?