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  1. First of all; This isn't an issue with XBCD. I admit that right now. I tried with the execrable Microsoft drivers just to rule it out, and the issue was identical right down to the festering bone marrow. However, this forum is perhaps one of the most likely places to secure a solution. Or at least a workaround. So under normal circumstances, I have two controllers connected to my Windows 7 machine. A Saitek Pro Gamer Command Unit, and a Horipad Ex2 Turbo. I've also got a USB 3-in-1 converter that lets me hook up a Saturn, Playstation X, or Dreamcast controller via USB that I just use for testing. The Hori is set as the preferred device in Control Panel's Game Controllers>Advanced menu in all cases. In games that let me specify a controller, there isn't a problem. But there's games which just use whichever controller they find first, and... well. If the Hori is connected alone, no issue. If the Hori is connected along with the 3-in-1 box, no issue. If the Saitek is connected, however, then the "preferred device" setting is ignored, and the Saitek is used regardless, with the Hori being pretty much ignored. It should perhaps be stated that when I was using a bog-standard, common-or-garden basic Microsoft wired Xbox 360 controller, the problem wasn't there at all - even with the Saitek connected, I could use the 360 controller as my preferred device. The drivers are identical in both cases - XBCD 0.2.7 for both the Hori and the vanilla. Abandoning the Hori for the vanilla, even temporarily, isn't an option at this point - the vanilla controller is broken now, and isn't even detected by the OS, or an actual Xbox for that matter, and I don't have any alternatives. (Well, there's the Gamecube-to-USB box, but because of the sliding triggers just being mapped as axes, that doesn't work too well) So to close; Does anyone know of any solutions that would allow me to use my Hori controller and Saitek interchangably, in other words not disconnecting one of them when I want to use the other?
  2. DaWrecka

    x360ce setup - for use with xbcd

    Not an unreasonable assumption, considering I omitted some significant information. (Grr, stupid brain) See, I can look at the log file, or the console window, and it's only detecting the two controllers. Disconnect those while keeping the Hori connected, it doesn't detect ANYTHING. I could paste the logs, but since this is about XBCD and not x360ce, I'll spare you the scrolling. Short version; With nothing connected, the x360ce log shows no controllers detected. Hook up the Hori controller, it STILL doesn't pick any controllers up. If I then plug the Saitek and joybox-thing back in, it picks those up without complaint - but still doesn't find the Hori.
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    x360ce setup - for use with xbcd

    I'm not sure if the same people are involved in developing x360ce as XBCD. If they are, consider this a plea for support. If they aren't, then consider this an informational warning to other users. I managed to get hold of a Hori EX2 Turbo pad, specifically this one: http://www.amazon.com/Xbox-360-Pad-EX-Turbo-Black/dp/B002LT9PXQ Windows installed the execrable Microsoft drivers when first I plugged it in. Okay, I thought, no biggie, I can just direct it to the XBCD drivers that were installed by the 0.2.7 installer. The XBCD drivers wouldn't install. Windows told me that there were no suitable drivers even when I pointed it right to the directory. Okay, I thought, although alarm bells were ringing. Maybe this is just a new revision that's not in the INF files. Sure enough, upon getting the VID and PID for the controller from Device Manager and adding this line: %XBCD_360.DeviceDesc% =Install, USB\VID_24C6&PID_5500 ; HORI Pad EX2 Turbo to the right section of the INF file allowed the driver to install, and it's fine. I can use the config program to set it to split axes, Windows can see all six axes - no issues on that front. (The above information is included in order to illustrate that no, this isn't a driver problem, this is an x360ce problem) Then I tried to fire up x360ce's configuration program to make sure we were all still good, and... oh dear. It wouldn't detect the Hori controller at all. It detected my Saitek Pro Gamer unit, and my 3in1 joybox thingy, neither of which are suitable for use in XInput games - (well okay, if I wanted to hook up a PS2 controller it would work, but I don't) and the Hori controller was conspicuously absent. It still showed up in the Windows control panel and in the XBCD configuration, just... x360ce refuses to detect it, making it impossible to configure. (I've raised an issue for it on the Google Code page for x360ce already) So. For the time being at least, here's how things work. If you only want to play XInput games, the Hori controller is fine. If you only want XInput and Xbox games, still fine. If you only want to play DirectInput games, you're again fine once you have XBCD working. If you want to play some XInput and some DirectInput games though... you'll need to avoid this controller for now. Sadly.