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    Right Stick = RTrigger (z Axis) ?

    ermm..? Teamviewer.... user id ? passcode ? Care to ellaborate what info you exactly need to know please ? Do i realy need to download and install additional software to provide you with that kind of info? isn't there any other way to find out the info you request? Is it the device id (xbox controller) you need to know perhaps ? many thnks cheerios, UPdate: sigh*:guillotine: i give up.... no matter what .. this freakin xbcd 2.7 needs an overhaul for many reasons me thinks!!! a. using the default installed configuration fucks up allot of button layouts ingame like conflicting eachother.... RT is LT at the same time when i try to map buttons !!! b. Right Stick is for some fU reason combined to fire command in game .. and what not !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The game supports xbox360 controller and with M$ drivers everything works out OK. I only needed some tool to adjust deadzone / acceleration ... other then that the Ms drivers are adequate !! :thumbsdown: sigh....
  2. ToiletDuck

    Right Stick = RTrigger (z Axis) ?

    Before i started an thread ive read some stickies to fix it, and thats how i figured out to disable Zrotation collum in the windows tab to fix the right stick functionality again !! Once i turn it on, i can't move / aim the crosshair anymore !! I think i initially have used the default setting off xbcd drivers/app since i have left everything at the default setting at first. But somehow the default settings screws up allot of things ive mentioned in a few posts back , and THATS why i started to alter settings for the better fortunately ! Realy, all of my problems i have described earlier is caused by the default settings somehow of xbcd setup !? If you have the link to the sticky u mentioned, be so kind to post it. Mayhap i have read the wrong stickie !! EDIT: Another thing i have noticed is, when i aim Rstick up it functions as RT button = fire button .... so when i aim up it automatically starts firing !! Now, when i change that RT button in the XBCD setup screen to just an Button 11 - 12 instead of Z- / Zrotation axis the problem is solved toO ? cheerios,
  3. ToiletDuck

    Right Stick = RTrigger (z Axis) ?

    Here iam with the coveted images ! This is a pic from the startup: And this is what i get to see after i searched either online or local whichafter the app close itself !! So as of now xbox360ce app is pretty much useless to me .. but then again isnt that app supposed to work solely with controllpads other then the official xbox360 because it emulates the real thing ? And since i have the real thing, the app doesnt feel the need to setup anything ... wild guessing here ! cheerios
  4. ToiletDuck

    Right Stick = RTrigger (z Axis) ?

    squall, I have sorted it out ... somewhat ... appearantly i the windows tab i have to disable Rz and Z axis to get my right stick function as normal ... But the BIG MISTERY i now have is the default xbox button layout is all screwed up ingame ?? Like for instance, start is Rb button RB is the back button sudden and so on!! As a result some buttons i can't change ingame and are fixed by default have an totally new function that isn't practicall to use ingame !! I had to adjust the deadzones aswell to fix drifting too !! EDIT : The strange part is the controller is working fine in both xbcd setup and windows devices properties! EDIT 2 I have done the following to get back those default button layout. Just reinstalled ms standard xbox driver and wrote down the default buttons layout and remapped it in xbcd setup afterwards !! Not sure if this is the usuall course of action to take when using xbcd drivers for the first time... The only thing now i have to deal with (might be an bug or something) is when i aim up (rightstick again) the game autofires .. triggers the fire button or something !!!?!? Again i had to work arround that by , changing back the ingame custom controll settings back to its DEFAULT !!! But that way i loose functionality again !!? ... sigh... cheers,
  5. ToiletDuck

    Right Stick = RTrigger (z Axis) ?

    Aarrrgh... I just have installed XBCD 2.7 for windows 7 x64, everything went fine and XBCD setup detects my xbox 360 controller (wired ofcourse). Now.... this is frustrating and strange at the same time. Ingame , when i use Right stick (rotation = aim) down the crosshair goes right , up is LEFT and the RT button moves it UP and down when i release the RT button !! Iam a first timer here and need some tips/hints and tricks to get this to work properly ? And then theres that Xbox360ce utility !! When i load that i get an window that ask me to search on the www for profiles or in the default folder .. Either way i choose i don't get any thing to choose from when its done which after the app closes automatically ? Iam pretty much in the dark now....:ashamed: cheerios,