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    GBC+SGB Border feature (like in Rew)

    Ok, given some pointers maybe I could try and locate the portion implementing this, I may not have much programming experience but worth a shot, GBC emulation is so much better with this option for compatible games, more used screen space (for some reason I haven't been able to get the output to vertically fill my 16:9 screen completely for GBC only)!
  2. Hi, Rew (one of the old S/GB/C emulators around) had a nifty feature allowing emulation of a GBC with the the SGB border, allowing the full colour palette of the GBC to be run alongside any SGB border present in the game. VBA-M seems to have pure SGB emulation which limits the palette for games running in SGB mode. While I understand this is for greater emulation accuracy and probably some technical reasons is there no way, even a hacky one, of getting just the border around a standard GBC screen like in Rew? It really helps improve the experience instead of the big monochrome solid color fill around the current automatic GBC setup with border automatic enabled which fills up with strange colours such as blue with warioland 2 and cyan with Link's awakening. Maybe it's expected behaviour but having this alternate option would be really good for revisiting these old classics! (And I'm surprised it's not actually there!) On a side note, thanks for improving VBA-M continuously, having the ability to use 4xBR Kega Fusion filters among the many other fixes and optimisations is awesome!