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    Right when i used a original s controler which was black instead of see through it worked and installed drivers propperly and shows up on usb view when i started x360ce it detected a xbox s controller and searched internet and found setting. Where do i go from here? Because xbox 360 image controller image is still greyed out thanks Its ok it working now thanks for all the links and stuff
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    Ok from the start: 1.I modded a wired xbox controller so it would fit in a usb 2.I plugged it in 3.Windows installed driver for unidentified device 4.I installed xbcd from this forum 5.Controller not showing up on usbview Even though windows detected it???. 6.I have no idea how to use x360ce. SO basically apart from windows detecting it as a unidentified device i have nothing :D:D Any help?:badger::badger::badger::badger: