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  1. FatJoe

    x360ce setup - for use with xbcd

    Thanks for the reply and f*** my life. The triggers are working, but nex problem is ahead:angry: So i can put the left trigger on Left Stick click and it works ingame. But consecutively putting B on the left trigger and nothing happens goddamit... I think it is because when i press the left stick, the left trigger also glows in the utility. Can't really see a logic behind that as at least in the utility only those buttons should react that are actually pressed to avoid this stupid double mapping problem ?? Really sucks to sit on a game and not be able to play it.... The standard config is just crippling:ashamed:
  2. FatJoe

    0.2.8 in the works. whats new?!

    Nice is there also an updated functionality of Dark Souls:annoy:
  3. FatJoe

    x360ce setup - for use with xbcd

    So the new Controller arrived. Try to calibrate through joy.cpl but the sliders seem to jump around randomly when i calibrate manally. So i just resetted it to "standard calibration" But the triggers still don't react in x360ce. Left is HAxis 3, right is IHAxis 3 which is also the standard on the MS Driver. But nothing happens:msn_wiltedrose:
  4. FatJoe

    x360ce setup - for use with xbcd

    I think my real problem atm is that the controller sometimes randomly disconnects and messes up the calibration while in the x360ce tool. Has become worse over the time unfortunately. Here it shows, that the trigger is half pressed for example even if it isnt. A new controller is on the way already. What i've been trying to do all the time btw is to put the left trigger on left stick click and B on the left trigger. Hope im finallly being able to finish when it arrives -.-
  5. FatJoe

    x360ce setup - for use with xbcd

    Okay that worked. But new Problems ahead )-: 1. Start and back are swapped. Means i press back and start glows and vive versa. Rather minor problem. 2. The triggers arent't recognized at all. Every other button glows, they don't react at all. 3. Testing vibration and everything works fine, but ingame it's disabled... Would be nice if you knew some more magic tricks D:
  6. FatJoe

    x360ce setup - for use with xbcd

    Do you mean pass through ? Checked it and unchecked it but can't say if it changed something as i loaded another conifg again before. It's the most used for dark souls, and it's still crippled. Start is put on x only to begin with. Vibration doesn't work here but at least the sticks are fine. Is there anyway to ungrey the controller and make it show my input commands, just as it does when it is run with the original MS Driver ?
  7. FatJoe

    x360ce setup - for use with xbcd

    Thx for the reply. Here i activate the driver and disable the MS Driver: x360.exe and the dlls: Selecting a random profile: Unfortunately the profile 2F8C1B2D doesnt' exist anymore. Dunno if it woul work but i don't think so. Trying to reconfigure manually: My problem is that it's grey and doesn't record my commands, just bleeps after every action. When i save and load the game, it's still the crippled unaltered profile thats working )-: In this case, both analogue sticks don't work...
  8. FatJoe

    It just won't work

    So i followed the thread "XBCD Installer no longer required" and embedded it in my drivers. I can now entirely play Bionic Commando. But if i want to remap some controls the Xbox 360 Controller is shown grey and i get a "bleep" everythime i do sth. In Max Payne 3 i couldn't map the triggers erthing else works. Btw Vibration doesn't work either anywhere even after selecting it as a fav controller. Is there any possibility to remap the controller without getting error sounds and being able to see which buttons i push. Just like when you run the configurer with the windows driver... This really pisses me off but i dont want to drop it before i know that i cant do anything and do nothing wrong Am using it on W7 64 btw. EDIT: Using Wired Original 360 controller
  9. FatJoe

    x360ce setup - for use with xbcd

    Sry for necroing but i need help. I want to remap my Dark Souls Controls. As the game doesn't offer the possibility i want it to do with xbcd and xbox360 ce. Overwrote the Microsoft driver, but now, when i want to set the controls the controller is grey and won't react when pushing something. The presets are totally botched either. I can play and rumble works, but some inportant stuff isnt even mapped. Anybode who knows something ?