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  1. cara117

    Including all needed libraries into build

    Hm. Fun-sounding... Especially since it will either be running on this: Linux From Scratch or this: Buildroot. As a random idea, does anyone here know how to design PCBs?
  2. cara117

    Including all needed libraries into build

    ...maybe I should clarify... I meant "how would I ensure this program runs on any Linux distro out there", not "how am I supposed to compile?". Especially since I intend on using none, I will repeat that, none of the major distros out in the wilds of the Internet. That means no Ubuntu, no Fedora, no Debian, no Slackware, nothing based on what I've already mentioned, etc. Hence, I want to know how to compile the emulator so that all of the needed libraries are internal, just in case there's some package that provides a library that's needed, and I just so happen to not have it installed. ... So, enough clarification?
  3. How exactly would one compile the needed libraries directly into the Linux port? I'm trying to entirely bypass the enormous X11 structure and have it run on top of another graphics compositor, but not only am I not entirely sure which libraries are relied on, I don't know how to squish them into the final program and not complain about missing libraries...
  4. cara117

    DirectFB or Wayland ports?

    Would there be any plans to port VBA-M to either of these? I'm trying to figure out the software base of what will one day be a Linux machine that runs VBA-M, bootstraps itself, and fits into an Altoids tin (not including the separate controller or battery pack). The X11 base is far too large for an attempt at squishing it into a small USB or a microSD (and besides that, I'm not very sure the CLFS base I intend to use could handle it, as it uses the uClibc instead of glibc), and either DirectFB or Wayland seem to be good alternatives. (Now if I could also find a nice, small browser that supports copy+paste and a nice, small terminal that does the same while I'm at it...) ... ...bananaphone smilies?... That bit definitely has me confused...