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  1. thanks! that fixed it... i thought i would be able to not have to do that, since i was running it already from an administrator account. but oh well... =P
  2. i wanted to play ddr/stepmania on my computer so i downloaded the newest version of stepmania and xbcd. i'm using a konami xb360 dance dance revolution pad, and i tried to follow the instructions, but i'm not getting anywhere... :-( i'm running windows 7 profession (64-bit), and i have the redistributable packages for x86 and x64. the gamepad gets recognized, and i can see that the driver gets installed/changed. i had some problems with the controller emulator part (got some weird message about a directinput module could not be found, and then it would crash), but i installed the xna framework and it seemed to work okay. the setup utility, though... i click on it, and i hear the "BLONG!" error sound, and nothing happens. any help would be appreciated!