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    MOSAIC on OBJs implemented wrong

    This is a holdover from VBA, but MOSAIC on OBJs is implemented wrong. Here's an example: I booted up my actual copy of Aria of Sorrow to compare with VBA-M's output: This is wrong. The mosaic tiles are supposed to be aligned with the background. I found similar examples in other games (e.g. Metroid Fusion), but this is the most visibly wrong that I found.
  2. endrift

    Mac build?

    First off: No, I'm not looking for a Mac build. I am plenty capable of building it myself. However, the build is currently extremely buggy. It took a lot of tweaking just to get it to compile. I can provide some really hackish build fixes for you so that it will at least build on OS X, but after that it doesn't work very well (everything is yellow!), and some of the Mac-specific code just doesn't work on modern OS X. Are there any Mac devs still on this?