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    Works but never loads on bootup, requires controller plugin every time

    Hi, thx for the response. I'm not using the DSEO so that should be ok. Have I installed something wrongly though, because my driver says it isn't digitally signed. Under properties it shows the following: Driver Provider: XBCD Project Driver Date: Not available Driver Version: Digital Signer: Not digitally signed Is this what should show under the properties? I just want to be sure it's installed correctly. The only other thing I noticed is there are 3 things showing under XBCD Properties: Name (Type) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Generic USB Hub (Universal Serial Bus controllers) HID-compliant game controller (Human Interface Devices) XBCD Xbox Controller (Human Interface Devices) The 2nd one (HID) is showing as signed by Microsoft, but 3rd one isn't. Are all 3 supposed to be there? But anyway, sounds like the hotplugging thing is known about so I'll leave it at that, thx. Update: Well I can't believe I think I've finally fixed it! I swapped to another usb port at the back (at the top), and it seems the controller is now recognised at ALL times, including after boot-up and sleep mode! Whoopee! :banana_freaky: :banana_cool: :banana_confusion: This has been such a hassle. I have about 10 usb ports, so I didn't think to try every one of them. I would like to find out what the issue is and the difference between the usb connections to cause this. This is the connector I used (far left bottom, which is USB3): http://uk.asus.com/Motherboards/Intel_Socket_1155/P8Z77V_PRO/ Previously I used the middle ones, plus the ones on the top of the pc (not shown, which is a hub part of the case I assume which connects elsewhere on the m/b). And also now, whereas before the controller showed as 'xbcd xbox controller' in the control panel/devices and printers menu, now it shows as 'Generic USB Hub'. So I haven't got a clue what's going on, but maybe other people could try all their usb ports if they have this same problem. Maybe 1 will work!
  2. Hi, sorry if this has been answered already (I couldn't see it in the threads below). I have an xbox 1 controller S, which does work with the 0.2.7 driver (on win 7 64-bit). My problem is it never recognises the controller on bootup (even though it shows in the hardware control panel), and the buttons don't respond. But if I unplug it and replug it in, I hear the windows hardware detected sound, and the buttons then respond! So windows won't play ball on boot/wakeup from sleep, but it will from hot-plugging the usb connector! I can't fathom why this is, maybe the unsigned driver? But you would think it wouldn't work at all, or work fully. Or is it because it isn't loading properly when windows boots? I don't suppose you can fix this for 0.2.8? It would be brilliant if you could save wearing out my usb socket lol! Otherwise, everything is fine. I was going to try xpadder, but didn't want to pay $10 and have the same problem?! Thx anyway for any ideas, and keep up the good work. OK, this is really weird. I swapped the usb port the xbox controller was plugged into from the back of the pc to the top (it's an Asus motherboard P8Z77-VPro with 3 separate USB hubs). And then windows recognised the buttons on boot and log off/log on. But then I tried sleep mode, awoke and the buttons went dead again! And the buttons stay dead until I hot plug the connector (even if I reboot). So it's definitely the sleep mode which is causing the problem now. Maybe the usb hub isn't scanned after sleep mode? But even after rebooting, you would think it would redetect it, but it doesn't until I hotplug again. Arrrghh. Lol. At least I know what's causing it now, but any ideas for a solution? (I can imagine some people going insane thinking this software doesn't work, when it's probably windows or the usb hub/motherboard probably at fault). Thx