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  1. Waluigi

    Linking so far

    Maybe you have a component that i don't have, or a special build. Also, i have tried on a XP 32 bit and i get the same result. The link seems don't have any effect.
  2. Waluigi

    Linking so far

    Yes, i've tried everything.
  3. Waluigi

    Linking so far

    I don't think.
  4. Waluigi

    Linking so far

    Because i need to set which configuration to use at every time. And maybe the link works for you, but still not for me, i have always the same message "Please wait, button B : Cancel" Also, with this build "VisualBoyAdvance-M1030b", the link works perfectly (but it's very instable). So, thanks if you can help me.
  5. Waluigi

    Fire red save

    Ok, thanks for explanations.
  6. Waluigi

    VMV movies losing sync

    Not only VMV but AVI files too have desynch problems (with any codec).
  7. Waluigi

    Linking so far

    Pokemon games, with 2 windows and saves. Also, joypad configuration is hard to configure, because VBA-M uses one only INI file.
  8. Waluigi

    Game linking and audio

    Yes, only this version works for me. But the link is very instable.
  9. Waluigi

    Fire red save

    The save detection is not perfect between games using flash 64K or 128. For example, you can't play at Mario Kart after Pokemon, it rewrites the game save with the same format. That's very problematic.
  10. Waluigi

    Slowdowns While Linking With Dolphin

    You are lucky, i have nothing, dolphin crashes at the same time for me.
  11. Waluigi

    Linking so far

    Hello, Don't work at all for me (simple link and wifi, local or not).