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  1. Tabris666

    Import save files from VBA

    Use native save instead of snapshot you will need to reset the clock but is easy,using a snapshot save is useless on rpg games because you can save anywhere is not like you will get those fake trophy (useless because those arent real achievments) for completing the game without using native save. sa1 vba link native save sav vba,vba m native save sgm vba link,vba,vba m snap save (only usefull on a handfull of games that didnt have save feature) I use my saves on each version of vba emulator without problem,either android or pc and whatever version because all use the same sav formula it hasnt changed in more then 10 years. Normally i get time error because of using different versions but is not big deal to reset the time here how to do it http://www.psypokes.com/gsc/timechange.php Delete the snap save because is useless and change from version to version and use that feature on games that are too long and never included a save feature (in all rpg you can save)
  2. Tabris666

    Golden Sun (U)

    If you are at the beggining or if there is rain then is normal,and your computer is slow this is why it shows the white screen normally those are lightnings that shows up every certain ammount of time but those are really quick so assuming that your pc takes 1 second to show it means is your pc fault for being slow.
  3. Tabris666


    Try to do what i do use vba 1.0.8 for cheats (or the other both are good and have same compatibility) save ingame battery (dont use snap) with all the things from the cheats and ready use that save on vba m is the only way around. Version differences. 1.0.7 gamesharks codebreaker work perfect. 1.0.8 gamesharks codebreaker and action replay v3 work perfect vba m up to r500 gameshark and codebreaker work fine action replay codes work random vba m up to r800 gameshark and codebreaker work fine,action replay wont work at all vba m up to 2.0 beta gameshark and codebreaker breaked some will work others wont,action replay completelly broken wont work. This is what i have figured out so use vba-m bellow r500 or use the original for the action replay support that got lost and broken in code rewrite
  4. Tabris666

    Option to open games in full screen?

    Normally tons of people tend to use cheats and codebreaker so they need to keep the emulator windowed otherwise they wont be able to read and se the cheats after that they enter to fullscreen. If you really need to use it in fullscreen you should use vba link or 1.0.8 those run at fullscreen since the start
  5. Tabris666

    VBA-M for Android

    Is the vba m core of libretro im aware of that one,and there is tons of emulators that use the same core
  6. Tabris666

    Problem with battery save

    Use vba-over.ini and your problem will be fixed
  7. Tabris666

    Pokemon leafgreen won't save.

    You should say which version of vba m you are using first. Also instead of setting some stuff manuallly you should use vba-over.ini this had tons of overrides for saves types so you wont have any problem with any game i use it even on the WX version so try it and you will see.
  8. Tabris666

    Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Clock Option

    That is the marvelous thing of pokemon the real time system,the only way to manipulate time in game is through gameshark otherwise is impossible (have you tried changing the time on your pc everytime you start the game like it was 5 when you closed the game and set time on pc to that once you start over the emulator is the only workaround gameshark can freeze the time but will break time event) Gameshark havent worked for me but the real time system is what makes pokemon unique because some events are based on time and day only (for example certan type of pokemon only appears at day X and time X other shiny pokemon could appear at night X time X) those events are hadcoded in the game itself. Besides not wanting to make the time pass as it should is just not wanting to enjoy the game the wonders are the rtc because normally time passes when you are not playing and the rtc have been implemented since the snes era (Tengai Makyou have this system,chrono trigger was supposed to have this system but they couldnt implement it)
  9. Tabris666

    Legacy of Goku Won't Start

    use vba-over.ini i use that even on WX and havent failed to me, can play legacy of goku from begginning to end (is not that long it can bee finished in a few hours)
  10. Tabris666

    Speed and throttle

    Post your specs of your pc. Normally disabling the automatic frame skip will allow the frame skip function to work,the throtle to be used and have notable speed change has to be set to 1000
  11. Tabris666

    Cannot run files under original VBA

    I think what changed was the limit because in the old i could use up to 50 codes (a random number dont remember the limit) and M accept a higher ammount of codes so it could have compatibility issues. For example vba link dont accept the cheatlist from vba M giving error each time you use one.
  12. Tabris666

    Only works when computer is ONLINE?

    where did you got the emulator? the emulator works fine and dont need or require internet to work. If you got the emulator from windows store (a fake one made by who knows) remove it and download from here or sourceforge. If you got the emulator from other site well your privacy and information from credit cards got stolen.
  13. Tabris666

    Black screen when loading any rom

    Set rendering to opengl is faster because and better. Other thing could be you used gameshark codes and left them active resulting in black screen remove the codes and disable cheats
  14. Tabris666

    Native save feature doesn't work

    You could try to use the same folder path is the best way to avoid problem with denied access. Those are same folder .\roms .\sram .\snap .\screenshots I use those on the directory path as it is and never had any problem,other way around is an ini with all the kind of saves vba-over.ini this normally saves you the trouble but ff use a default save nothing wrong with it the save size is 64kb so the problem is the directory path,it could be locked or with read only atribute
  15. Tabris666

    Pokemon Gold / Crystal / Silver - Clock fix

    An easy way to fix this is to simply using the native reset time code used by the game,i dont remember the site to get the code because is unique to each person but it depends on money and trainer id and pressing some button combination instead of hex edit. Thats what i did when the rtc clock got corrupted on gold and the codes are for gold/silver/crystal In this page you can learn how to reset time http://www.psypokes.com/gsc/timechange.php