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  1. Tabris666

    Real/Gameboy colors

    Sadly the option to use gba colors was removed in latest versions,i still use the old svn 1260 because has the option to use gba color palette instead of real colors palette by default,problem when using the real colors palette is colors will be too bright,the loss of detail is too much for my tast. Sadly the only option is to use an old version until they use the gba colors by default instead of the real colors palette.
  2. Tabris666

    How to fix pixelation on Windows 10?

    gameboy games are pixelated they looked better because the screen was a specially made for gba,now on pc well it would work fine if you have an old pc monitor lying around (i miss my old pro monitor with a resolution of 8000x4000) since those work similar to the monitor used by gba. what i think about what happened to you it seems you had a profile for vba in your gpu setup,windows 10 works worse then windows 7 and is known,there are no ways to fix that but there are always filters to improve the image i normally use the bilinear plus filter on vba and looks fine the only problem with the new version is the color used by default the color palette on gba is different since is a 64 thousand colors console it wasn´t a console with real colors,problem with using the real colors palette the colors would be far too bright and there will be loss of details.
  3. Tabris666

    Game starts too fast

    you probably have the vsinc disabled as well,almost any pc from the 2008 and up is powerfull to play vba with filters on so using throtle and similar settings would be usefull only if you have a really old pc a celeron 333 mhz with, 8 Mb gpu and 64 Mb ram if you have that kind of pc then you would need to use throttle,frameskip and other speed setup.
  4. Tabris666

    Cheat Database Discussion

    In the past there were some sites that had cheat databases from gba games all with the release ID of the games,i grabbed some in the past and what was amazing was that all the cheats worked . Here on wayback machine you can access all the cheats from gba https://web.archive.org/web/20121007010354/http://cheats.gbatemp.net:80/GBA/
  5. Tabris666

    VisualBoyAdvance-m 2.0.1

    i made a text file removed the extension txt when renaming and named it like this "vbam.ini" that avoid the creation of files on another path and is portable
  6. Well perfect accuracy doesn´t mean it needs to be slow and have powerfull machines,as has been explained before an emulator can be accurate and fast but only a few good coders will be able to make it work and after that we have the people that failed like new team dolphin they hijacked the emu removed tons of features and made it work slow as turtle because they removed thing they didn´t know how they worked like hyper threading,multi core use,speed hacks,and lot more with the excuse those aren´t needed and hurt the dolphin developers since they won´t be able to work as they should,for example ishiruka is supposed to be faster but is the same as the other normal version 5 it shows more fps but the speed of the game is the same as the other. Other example that comes to mind are pcsx2 avoiding the improvements and saying is faster and more acurate then in the past you just need a good 4.5 Ghz pc mono core. As you see the point of accuracy is being closer to the real hardware even in requirements or at least make a good code,the guys behind mgba made a good progress showing how an emulator can be fast and accurate without the need of NASA pcs. Besides BSOD are known on all the version of windows this is why is reccomended to format the hard drive every 6 months to keep it clean and perfect, my pc has almost 12 years and still works fine i even tested an emulator that shouldn´t have worked but run at almost the same speed as in my new pc but is working perfect because i format the hard drive every 6 months (after that windows will start to slow down without reason but is due to the planned obsolescence just so you will need to buy a new pc i even proved that windows 10 was worse then windows 7 in an emu i got better fps on windows 7) Something you need to know is that 64 bit apps are made when they need more ram to use since there is a limit of ram on 32 bit apps is only that,i tested a 64 bit emulator RPCS3 and the emulator used at most 800Mb of ram so there wasnt much point on a 64 bit emu there,same as dolphin since use mostly 400 Mb of ram,what is the point if 32 bit is more then enough is similar to explaining to byuu "learn to code better,make use of multi thread,use multi core code,implement turbo technology code on the emu (all emulators won´t use the turbo on CPU because they didn´t implment said code on the emu) and similar stuff but he won´t listen"
  7. Tabris666

    Import save files from VBA

    Use native save instead of snapshot you will need to reset the clock but is easy,using a snapshot save is useless on rpg games because you can save anywhere is not like you will get those fake trophy (useless because those arent real achievments) for completing the game without using native save. sa1 vba link native save sav vba,vba m native save sgm vba link,vba,vba m snap save (only usefull on a handfull of games that didnt have save feature) I use my saves on each version of vba emulator without problem,either android or pc and whatever version because all use the same sav formula it hasnt changed in more then 10 years. Normally i get time error because of using different versions but is not big deal to reset the time here how to do it http://www.psypokes.com/gsc/timechange.php Delete the snap save because is useless and change from version to version and use that feature on games that are too long and never included a save feature (in all rpg you can save)
  8. Tabris666

    Golden Sun (U)

    If you are at the beggining or if there is rain then is normal,and your computer is slow this is why it shows the white screen normally those are lightnings that shows up every certain ammount of time but those are really quick so assuming that your pc takes 1 second to show it means is your pc fault for being slow.
  9. Tabris666


    Try to do what i do use vba 1.0.8 for cheats (or the other both are good and have same compatibility) save ingame battery (dont use snap) with all the things from the cheats and ready use that save on vba m is the only way around. Version differences. 1.0.7 gamesharks codebreaker work perfect. 1.0.8 gamesharks codebreaker and action replay v3 work perfect vba m up to r500 gameshark and codebreaker work fine action replay codes work random vba m up to r800 gameshark and codebreaker work fine,action replay wont work at all vba m up to 2.0 beta gameshark and codebreaker breaked some will work others wont,action replay completelly broken wont work. This is what i have figured out so use vba-m bellow r500 or use the original for the action replay support that got lost and broken in code rewrite
  10. Tabris666

    Option to open games in full screen?

    Normally tons of people tend to use cheats and codebreaker so they need to keep the emulator windowed otherwise they wont be able to read and se the cheats after that they enter to fullscreen. If you really need to use it in fullscreen you should use vba link or 1.0.8 those run at fullscreen since the start
  11. Tabris666

    VBA-M for Android

    Is the vba m core of libretro im aware of that one,and there is tons of emulators that use the same core
  12. Tabris666

    Problem with battery save

    Use vba-over.ini and your problem will be fixed
  13. Tabris666

    Pokemon leafgreen won't save.

    You should say which version of vba m you are using first. Also instead of setting some stuff manuallly you should use vba-over.ini this had tons of overrides for saves types so you wont have any problem with any game i use it even on the WX version so try it and you will see.
  14. Tabris666

    Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Clock Option

    That is the marvelous thing of pokemon the real time system,the only way to manipulate time in game is through gameshark otherwise is impossible (have you tried changing the time on your pc everytime you start the game like it was 5 when you closed the game and set time on pc to that once you start over the emulator is the only workaround gameshark can freeze the time but will break time event) Gameshark havent worked for me but the real time system is what makes pokemon unique because some events are based on time and day only (for example certan type of pokemon only appears at day X and time X other shiny pokemon could appear at night X time X) those events are hadcoded in the game itself. Besides not wanting to make the time pass as it should is just not wanting to enjoy the game the wonders are the rtc because normally time passes when you are not playing and the rtc have been implemented since the snes era (Tengai Makyou have this system,chrono trigger was supposed to have this system but they couldnt implement it)
  15. Tabris666

    Legacy of Goku Won't Start

    use vba-over.ini i use that even on WX and havent failed to me, can play legacy of goku from begginning to end (is not that long it can bee finished in a few hours)