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    Option to open games in full screen?

    I'd really like an option somewhere to automatically open games in full screen from inside VBA-M. Pressing Esc after a game opens isn't the end of the world, but a set-and-forget option would make the interface a bit cleaner. Thanks, and thanks for keeping the project going!
  2. VeganWithaYoYo

    Noob question (sorry): full screen when a game is opened?

    Fair enough. I created a new thread in Suggestions, and I'll keep my fingers crossed for future versions. Thanks for the help
  3. VeganWithaYoYo

    Noob question (sorry): full screen when a game is opened?

    Hmm... not sure that'd be quite right for what I want to do; always being in fullscreen would be great if there was a menu in fullscreen, but since I've read several posts that the fullscreen menu's not coming back any time soon, I'm hoping there's another way. I basically want to be able to use the menu when a game isn't open, and then have the game go straight into fullscreen with no menu without having to press Escape. It's an option in FCEU-X for NES emulation... is it not one on VBA-M? If not, pressing Escape isn't the end of the world, but it's a step I wouldn't mind skipping.
  4. Hi guys, huge apologies for asking something like this, but I'm setting up a new computer with VBA-M and I'm not seeing the option to switch to full screen when I open a game. It's been a little while since I was emulating GBA games, but I don't remember having to toggle full screen after opening a game on my old computer. Could someone point me to where the option is?