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  1. gllt

    Thanks Squall

    Dunno if you're around but I have never had anyone point me to using a software video plugin in ePSXe for Final Fantasy Tactics. fuck im blazed
  2. gllt

    error PRJ0019

    OT; Ow, I hope it gets to feeling better. Both broken things and Hand Impairments are awful so getting both is yechk.
  3. gllt

    I'm out

    I did it. Everyone should at least once, it changes everything. (mostly for the good) Have a good vacation/break!
  4. gllt

    The Board Updates Rule

    I love them, keep up the good work :V Everything is coming together more around here
  5. gllt

    Happy B-Day Mud and Spacy!!!

    Happy Birthday, and jeez I just had mine recently.
  6. gllt

    Game Discussion

    I started a phenomena ¯\(°_o)/¯ So I can't advance anywhere past where I am in Big Brain Academy on the DS. But I'm stacking up medals on the Wii version so it's alright I guess. Mostly, I have been playing old bomberman. And I am SO LAME I bring no content to this thread hurr
  7. gllt

    VBA-M not work

    Well then, so either; Wait for VBA-M to fix linking or Try no$GBA I guess thats it.
  8. gllt

    VBA-M not work

    I'm not entirely sure exactly what you're asking for, so; A. You want to emulate Zelda - Four Swords (Which I have in VBA and VBA-M) B. or you have done that, and want to do it with Linking (As to actually play four swords, as it requires multiple players) If you want to link, I think you might have better luck with no$GBA, not to promote other clients or anything, but I think it might have link support, as it does have the ability to launch "multiple copies/gameboys" so to speak. I faintly remember trying to play four swords like that.. But as I haven't fully explored VBA-M or used VBA link, perhaps waiting for someone else like a developer who knows everything about the project could enlighten you more.
  9. gllt

    Game Discussion

    Sniping people is a classic pastime.
  10. gllt

    VBA-M not work

    VBA-M, where M is for Merged. It has updated/more features than the standard VBA and is an attempt to merge all the splits of VBA for a feature complete product. EDIT: Oh, this should be unrelated since DirectX can run in software, but would your graphics card have ANYTHING to do with it? Also if it is truly directx related alone, could VBA-M run in OpenGL mode instead and work perhaps? I actually imagine not for some reason, but I had to throw it out there.
  11. gllt

    VBA-M not work

    My best guess is it's still a DirectX runtime problem, because it can be confusing with all the different downloads for DirectX out there that you can download the wrong thing, but it could be any number of problems really.
  12. gllt

    VBA-M not work

    Just for kicks, back up the settings file and delete the original and let it generate a new one. And I have zlib1.dll and libpng13.dll in my folder with vba-m, if that would make a difference.
  13. gllt

    Game Discussion

    Hmm, for games? Maybe, but I did get better. I have all the golds~ But I need more platinum and it is hard to get.. Edit; I need to get a platinum in easy for memorization, but it's hard. :V Edit; Offtopic, "Breakfast-and-Nap!" Ban!
  14. gllt

    Game Discussion

    Here, thou should discuss GAMES. Any games, pictures of the games, games you are playing, games you did play, games you will, games you hate too. Currently, I am with Dr. Lobe on my DS Lite And I AM NO GOOD AT COMPUTE
  15. gllt

    Random Thread

    <-- You see those? No? Quote me! I THINK THEY'RE FREAKING HORRIFYING imo dancing dancing still dancing dancing