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    ROM issue. Rebelstar Tactical Command

    Yes, i thought the same thing. Still, i wanted to post it, just in case. Thank you for your reply.
  2. Hi. Well, first THANK you for your work here and for your work in the emulator, than you, im sure half of the world thank you for that . Secondly, my english is not that good, but i will try. You see, i really love this game and i played it long time ago; yesterday i was nostalgic and i found myself openning the rom again to start a new game and i couldnt played inmediately because the rom didn´t seemed to work. I thought it was strange, cause i used the same rom i used before, but still i get another rom and tried again. The same result. At the end, after trying many different things i understood that the issue here was the emulator. In few words, with VBA-Link it doesn´t work, the text (dialogue only) won´t appear, but with VBA-M works totally fine. Well, that is it. Since i searches all over the web and didn´t find any solution for this problem and only ONE person reporting the same thing, i thought that may be i should write it down here. So, thanks again and have a good day.