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  1. Ashnal

    XBCD 0.2.7 Discussion

    Ah I see. There's two devices now, one which is a generic game controller, and another labeled XBCD. Both with the same ID. This is kinda confusing to me I admit. The entry for the controller in the "Devices and Printers" control panel section references BOTH the virtual bus controller that I installed XBCD to, and the generic HID. Why is it that I saw a change in the controller's behavior and button layout when I installed XBCD over the Microsoft drivers? I don't recall the generic device being present when I was using the microsoft drivers.
  2. Ashnal

    XBCD 0.2.7 Discussion

    It IS installed and it DOES work. The driver is functioning fine. The XBCD Controller shows up in the controllers panel and receives input ... it's the config app that isn't playing nice. I'm not trying to be pushy ... I just get the feeling you aren't quite understanding me
  3. Ashnal

    XBCD 0.2.7 Discussion

    Well then, any suggestions how I might be able to separate the triggers using some other method? ... I still don't get why you're saying I can't install it when I already have installed it and used it to play games just fine >_>
  4. Ashnal

    XBCD 0.2.7 Discussion

    Perhaps you didn't quite understand what I posted. The driver DOES work because the utility emulates an X360 pad in device manager, precisely as you described for a PS2 adapter, but for a PS3 controller over bluetooth. Think of the custom bluetooth driver as a DS3 to X360 converter. The fact that it works gives me some hope. The utility normally works with the default microsoft drivers, so I figured I could replace those with this, since it's designed to replace the default MS drivers. My only issue is that the virtual device pad doesn't appear in the configuration utility. It DOES appear in device manager as "XBCD Xbox 360 Controller" and does work just fine, aside from the fact that I cannot configure it. Is there some issue preventing a virtual pad from showing up in the config utility that doesn't affect actual pads? I can understand if that's the case, and wouldn't expect you to fix it. Since you say it does work for emulated PS2 to X360 adapters, I don;t see why it shouldn't work for this.
  5. Ashnal

    XBCD 0.2.7 Discussion

    So I would like a bit of assistance if possible. I have a bit of a goofy setup. I'm using a Dual Shock 3 PS3 controller with the utility described here. It exports the DS3 as a standard always present X360 wired controller with an ID of USB\VID_045E&PID_028E&REV_0114 I am able to successfully install and use the XBCD drivers for the virtual X360 pad just fine with the default configuration. It shows input through the game controllers window just fine. The problem comes when I try to use the XBCD configuration Utility. The whole reason I want to use these drivers instead of the MS ones is being able to split the trigger input for DirectInput. However, upon opening the config utility it does not detect any pads, despite the pad functioning fine.