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    XBCD - Bio Shock Infinite, Just Cause 2

    Hello, I used to use the default Microsoft drivers for my wired Xbox 360 USB controller and all modern games worked fine right out of the box. When I wanted to use the controller to play ePSXe I found I needed to use XBCD so I could set "triggers as split axis". Now when I want to go back to play modern games such as Bio Shock Infinite no matter what profile I pick from XBCD the game either does not recognize my controller, or it recognizes it but none of the buttons work, or it recognizes it but the buttons are misconfigured. I was able to get it to the controller to work with Bio Shock Infinite for a few days but I wasn't sure what I changed... so in my curiosity to see if it was the "XBCD 360 Emu" setting I reset the config and now nothing works again. Help! How can I switch between emulators and modern games? Just Cause 2 doesn't even recognize my controller no matter what profile I pick but the XBCD utility does read my controller.