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  1. I.S.T.

    GUI rewrite to Unicode

    Why are you using such an ancient OS? It's TEN FUCKING YEARS OLD
  2. I.S.T.

    VGA-M Runs Too Fast

    There should be an automatic frameskip setting in the Speed section. That should help. Don't touch throttle, it's a bit bugged.
  3. I.S.T.

    Request for PCEJIN source

    The site's up, and I can browse the SVN with the web interface... Perhaps it's able to be accessed again? or those parts never went down...
  4. I.S.T.

    GBC boot code support

    that... makes no sense. How would it sell five or less?
  5. I.S.T.

    Cycle accuracy causes fights.

    Alright. I only saw the one post. It's possible he's just a good boy on one forum and a prick on another. I've seen that many times in life. Hell, I do that occasionally. I'll do so later. Dealing with drama on an IRC channel I Op on. =\ bump. I'm up to page four. I take back what I said, he's an ass of the highest caliber. I will say that in the one post linked, he's not an ass, though. a better example would have been anything of his on page 3 or 4. I apologize, Mudlord. I was wrong.
  6. I.S.T.

    Cycle accuracy causes fights.

    Something I should mention: I've been following this guy's posts at an SMS forum, SMSpower. The only person he's ever gotten insulting with was Byuu. SMS Power has a lot of SMS authors there, and they've all done emulators nowhere near as "accurate" as his. Hell, the dude who created Meka is one of the admins. He's never demeaned their approach, at least not publicly. >.> Also, I feel, mudlord, your anger should be directed towards the idiot blind followers, not the emu authors. You have real reason to get irritated, but myself, I would aim it at the idiots who do most of the talking.
  7. I.S.T.

    Cycle accuracy causes fights.

    I think you're overreacting. As I said before, he was not insulting the other emulators, and there is room for all approaches.
  8. I.S.T.

    Cycle accuracy causes fights.

    *shrug* Depends really. Going through the ZSNES history file, you'll find that back in the day they used a lot of timing hacks because they could not simulate the timing right. So, they created a kludge to get game X working. Nothing wrong with that in the least.
  9. I.S.T.

    Cycle accuracy causes fights.

    Nonono. He said the emulators use little hacks here and there instead of doing some stuff accurately. BIG difference, and it's a normal process done by just about every single emulator in existance. He was not insulting them, just stating what they do. The word hack is even used by the various emu authors too. Read Kega Fusion/ZSNES's history and you'll see that word used more than a few times. he meant no harm by it. FWIW, I think this debate is kind of silly. there's room for all camps, and for that matter there are more than two camps. myself, I don't care about the method used as long as it represents what I can see on the actual console. Emulation is a substitute for me, so I want accurate reproduction of the visuals and audio. I care nothing of how that is obtained.
  10. I.S.T.

    your favourite top five GBA games.

    I'm not too sure. I haven't played too many different GBA games(I tend to replay the same ones over and over. >.>) Guess I'll just list the ones I really like: MMZ2-4 FF4 Advance Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow and Circle of The Moon(HoD is too hard, IMO, even though i've beaten it a few times. just unbalanced. Too easy to get hit). Zoids Legacy(Yes, even with the Engrish translation).
  11. Run the DX web installer. It will grab the latest DX9 files for you.
  12. I've been playing this recently, and found that occasionally some graphics corruption can occur onscreen after the text box closes. The only way I've found so far to fix it is to get into battle or open up another text box. It happens on version 461 and one of the 700 versions. I cannot recall which one, sadly, and I have no way of checking at this moment in time. I also cannot attach a save state or battery file. Sorry.
  13. I.S.T.

    New Wii Port of VBA-M

    You'd have to talk with blargg about the new sound core. It's his work. Sorry, I can't personally offer any help. >.<
  14. I.S.T.

    [FIXED]Bug found in Speed Gonzales (U) [!].

    Strange, to say the least!
  15. This is a DMG game. Little bit of info on it here: http://board.zsnes.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?p=178556#178556 The graphics errors are in the little bar at the bottom of the screen that has your score, how many lives you have, etc. It completely distorts the contents of the bar. I've confirmed it, and I've also confirmed it doesn't happen in version 589(latest version I had before 727).