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  1. In Animal Crossing for GCN you can go to an Island if you have a GBA connected. When playing Animal Crossing on Dolphin v3.5, with VBA-M SVN1149, you can go to the Island. When you're leaving the island you're asked if you want to 'save' your island to your GBA. If you choose yes you're supposed to be able to keep playing a kinda mini-game version of the island on your GBA. It seems pretty cool. Unfortunately, you can't save. Depending on how I'm connected (I think the difference was whether I was over a network, or on a single computer? But I can't remember. I can duplicate the results upon request though.) Dolphin will throw an error message, but either way Animal Crossing will tell me that it was unable to communicate with the GBA. I read somewhere that this functionality might be called netbooting? My question is about which side the problem is on. Is Dolphin unable to send the information, or is VBA-M unable to receive it? Thank you!
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    Monster Rancher Advance 2

    Hi, I'm using SVN1149 and I can't seem to get any gameshark codes to work in Monster Rancher Advance 2. I'm using the US version of the game. The codes I'm using are the "must be on" and "never retire" codes listed here. But none of the other codes listed worked either. I've tried codes from other sources as well, including a cache from a really old version of the gameshark website. I have cheats ENabled and I think I'm entering everything correctly... Any ideas? Thanks in advance!