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    VBA M1149

    The Video Sync immediately fixed the run speed issue, however the Audio sync needed to be changed to direct sound 8 on my system before that fixed. Thanks for the help
  2. jbro132

    VBA M1149

    I just downloaded VBA M1149. I'm not the newest to using emulators. I've used the original VBA in the past but switched to this version. Now the problem I'm facing is VBA M1149 is running (depending on the game ROM I've loaded) between 130% to 320% at all times without turbo mode. However I just downloaded the WXVBA that was released and it runs fine. I am unsure as to why it's doing this and I have tried to look for help in threads. I don't know if this is posted in the wrong spot or someone already brought this up and I couldn't find it. If someone could let me know why it's doing this, if I can fix it with limited to no knowledge on coding, and if there is any difference in using WXVBA over VBA M1149 for the ROMS. I'd be very grateful for any help.