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    Sound Mixer problem? :(

    [align=center]I'm not sure if this goes in this thread or not, so I apologize ahead of time and ask a mod to please relocate this thread accordingly! I'm new to all this emulator jazz. I wanted to play Pokemon Yellow, and I was recommended VBA-M! So far all my issues I've been able to solve by myself or using Google, but this one seems to elude the search engine. When I tab out, the last sound the game makes loops, which is fine with me, I should have paused the game before switching programs. Though it is a bit loud, so I thought I'd open sound mixer to just turn down the volume of VBA-M. But when I open sound mixer I get a graphic over the sound bar and I can't seem to turn it down unless I turn down everything, which is kind of a problem when I'm in Skype calls or I'm doing other things that require audio. Is there a way to disable this, or fix it? Or is it something else entirely causing this issue?[/align]