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    Username Change

    Okay. The username, DeriLoko2, is an inactive username, and I am not using it anymore. The email address, deril412@gmail.com, is not the one that I am using anymore.
  2. S4V9

    Username Change

    What email is it?
  3. S4V9

    Username Change

    No, that is not me.
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    Username: S4V9
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    Change my username.
  6. I have two games that have the different save types. Super Mario Bros. (J) (Hot Mario Campaign) saveType=0 Famicom Mini - Vol 1 - Super Mario Bros. (J) saveType=1 I have vba-over.ini, which I already chose saveType=1. How can I play both of these games that have the different save types, while I am using vba-over.ini? I forgot to mention that they are GBA games.
  7. 1. I paused VisualBoyAdvance-M. 2. I put the game into VisualBoyAdvance-M. 3. After I put the game into VisualBoyAdvance-M, it un-paused like I did not expect that. I expected the emulator to be paused, after I put the game into VisualBoyAdvance-M. It has to be fixed. I use VisualBoyAdvance-M (v2.0.0)(Windows 64-bit) (Beta 3) (Fix 3).
  8. S4V9

    Famicom Mini Issue

    I was playing Famicom Mini - Vol. 26 - Famicom Mukashi Banashi - Shin Onigashima, and all I saw was an image like this one. It is just a blue picture (a background of the game). I do not see the sprites like the title screen and the characters. Also, I did not use the hot keys to turn off the sprites and the other parts of the background. I used VisualBoyAdvance-M Git (2015/11/19).
  9. S4V9

    The future for vba-m

    I believe that VBA-M is far beyond other GBA emulators around. Thank you, the VBA-M team, and the original VBA team for improving the emulator very far.