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    Throttle/speed Problem

    Have you tried setting Throttle to "100%"? I recently updated from VBA-M SVN1229 MFC and i seem to have to put throttle at "100%" to get 1x game speed, in 1229 it ran at 1x with the "No throttle" setting, so i guess they either reversed what it does (seems logical since checking the meaning of "throttle" seems to be "to control/limit"), or either the 1229 or the recent builds are bugged. I've yet to encounter a problem in the new-er/-est build(s) when putting throttle to "100%" though, so that should work. Maybe someone more code-"adept" and/or involved with the project can elaborate? PS. Topic is kinda old from what i see and apperantly the forum got (mostly) deleted by hackers and i haven't read the webarchives save, so i don't know if you've already got it solved.
  2. What is the difference between them? I'm on Win 8.1 and have been using VBA-M 1.8.0 SVN1229 (The included Readme says "ReadMe.MFC" so i guess that is what i am using.) Is the "Wx" cross-platform while "MFC" is windows only? (the posts i could find while searching for answers to this question would suggest that) Also: Which one is the "main" version for an "average", non-dev, windows-using, "mostly-just-wants-to-play"-person like me? EDIT/ADD: Wow, i think i literally found my answer in the "Devinfo.txt" document just a couple of seconds after posting this. Using windows only, not having any problems with the emulator and mostly just wanting to play games/hacks, i suppose i should stick to the "MFC"-builds then? EDIT/ADD2: Side-question: Does the "icon" for .gba and .gbc files change to the same as in this topic (http://web.archive.org/web/20150809135725/http://vba-m.com/forum/Thread-problem-with-associating-gba-and-gbc-rom-files-with-vba-m) for anyone else? It doesn't do it for .gb or .sgb so i would assume Windows somehow interprets file types ending with "bc" and "ba" as binary code? As you've probably noticed i dont really have an idea of what i'm talking about, but that's what questions are for, no? Great work on the Emulator btw!