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  1. mudlord

    n64input source code

    started working on this since EmuCR started compiling the shit this time.
  2. mudlord

    GBC boot code support

    i wish this was never invented.
  3. mudlord

    SRS Document Creation

    There is currently no such document so feel free to make one.
  4. Impressive, but I advise to pay attention to what grantg sez
  5. mudlord

    Colorization of Game Boy games

    ...Wow, what a impressive feature. Not sure if this will be in VBA-M, but I do want to experiment with it at least...
  6. mudlord

    n64input source code

    iconoclast: still got the source? good because i removed it from github because of no response.
  7. mudlord

    n64input source code

    Do any plugins rumble during that sequence?
  8. mudlord

    n64input source code

    Plugin seems to freeze on motion blurred mask intro.
  9. mudlord

    n64input source code

    Nice idea. I hope to fix rumble support and stuff for Majora's Mask, then fix the issue you described, then this plugin is complete.
  10. mudlord

    n64input source code

    here it is. https://github.com/mudlord/n64input
  11. mudlord

    Audio quality

    vba-m uses bandlimited synthesis, hence the difference in sound to normal VBA. As a result, its not changable.
  12. mudlord

    LucasArts game hacking

    Fixing on Windows 7 directly is proving very, very problematic: * Broken installer handling. * Hook DLLs for forcing game into windowed mode need to be rewritten at the very least. * Debugger plugins for injecting code need to be updated. Biggest issue is number 2, which makes it nigh impossible to debug, since there is no way to force it currently into windowed mode. And as a result, when you BP functions in OllyDbg, trying to shift focus between windows is completely borked because of the fullscreen RS window. I remember, when doing this in a native install of XP, never a issue. And VMware is hopeless for this game, as it uses a unholy mix of DirectDraw and D3D.
  13. mudlord

    Vba-m 1030b link problems

    try for yourself?
  14. Nice find. Are you running on a PowerPC arch, or Intel?
  15. mudlord

    LucasArts game hacking

    Squall, what are the problems with SW Ep1 Racer? Does it support Glide? I know the issues with SW Rogue Squadron: * Broken game timing * Crashes on ending level * DRM * Inproper game rendering Problems 1-3 I managed to fix, and problem 4 can be fixed by nglide. However this is another odd issue. The WndProc is fucked. As in, some keys are not handled properly, which is vital for the game to even let you go past the opening menus. I am not sure how much work this will take to fix. Once thats fixed though, I bet the game will be perfect as a replacement until fast LLE rendering in N64 comes along.