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  1. jbo_85

    [Fixed]We really must fix the CGB Audio + States bug

    It stopped working after revision 937.
  2. jbo_85

    Unnecessary double check?

    It tests bit 15 of (DM1CNT_H ^ value) and not just bit 15 of value.
  3. jbo_85

    Unnecessary double check?

    The bold part is needed. It fails if DM1CNT_H or value is >= 0x8000.
  4. jbo_85

    small optimization idea

    I compared the executables.
  5. jbo_85

    small optimization idea

    The two expressions are the same. But it doesn't make a difference for the release build because the compiler already optimizes it.
  6. jbo_85

    Fails Blargg's GB-Z80 CPU Test program

    The instructions are fixed in SVN. The only thing that doesn't work with Blargg's test roms is the read/write mem timing.
  7. jbo_85

    Using vba-over.ini in linux

    It doesn't work with the gtk port. It only works with the sdl port.
  8. jbo_85

    [FIXED]Setting of Pause when inactive

    Both issues are fixed in SVN.