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  1. Renaissance

    new german localisation aviable

    ok, if i make translation for last version of VBA-M, a can share it?
  2. Renaissance

    Account Activation [AA]

    ok, i understand. thanks a lot
  3. Renaissance

    new german localisation aviable

    that's right, spectools is so hard to translate as hard to understand usually user I'll make one funny and useful thing: on each dialogbox title of spectool i added phrase "ONLY FOR ADVANCED USERS"... and didn't translate it Hmm... if i have translated language library for version 1.7.0 of VBA, how could i turn it in library for version 1.8.0? Some recourses was added, how could i add it in translate?...
  4. Renaissance

    Account Activation [AA]

    After registering on Ur forum, activation letter was sent on my mailbox (on gmail), but received in Spam box! None spam filters or any options was changed. I don't known why it take place... Any ideas, or I stand alone with this kind of problem? Sorry for my bad English, i'm from Russia and it's hard to me, talk on other language But i'm trying.