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    Background Input issue

    Hey everyone! Hope im not intruding on your forum but i've got a problem i can't seem to find an answer to, so i thought of asking here. I've been tinkering with playing Four Swords for awhile now and run into an issue with Background input (or lack there of) When i start up VBA-M (im running VBA-M WX 2.0.0 beta2) i cannot get the emulator to send input to the game without it being the active window, i know this has been a feature of VBA in the past so im wondering, has it been removed? or am i just too dumb to notice where to turn it on? Oh and before i forget, is it possible to force VBA-M to fullscreen on your secondary screen like whats possible with emulators like MAME? So, did abit of digging on my own but ran into another issue. Switched off the WX version on to the non WX version and that helped with most issues but now ive run into another one. When you fullscreen the non WX version, it seems you cannot have that version fullscreened without having the window be in focus (in winodws), meaning as soon as you select any other action within windows it seems to minimize the window. Is it possible though ini settings to force the emulator to retain fullscreened mode while the window isnt in focus?