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    Import save files from VBA

    Ok thanks I'll try to find an other solution.
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    Import save files from VBA

    Hi, I am currently playing Pokemon Gold (GBC rom) on Visual Boy Advance version 1.8. Apparently the Link function doesn't work at all on Windows 10, so I decided to try it with VBA-M. The problem is that I'm unable to import any save file (save state or battery) from VBA to VBA-M. What I have tried: Open the game with VBA, select Continue at the start screen. Save the game normally ingame. Export the battery file (.sav file). Save the state (.sa1 file). Open the game with VBA-M. Try import the battery file (.sav) previously exported. At this point I get the following error: "Failed to read RTC from save game C:\Users\[MyUserName]\Desktop\Gold 1.SAV (continuing)" Renaming the save state file .sa1 to .sgm. Try importing this file (File>Load state>From file). At this point, the application closes. Am I missing something ?