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    The future for vba-m

    I think VBA-M is the best GBA emulator there is. I appreciate every update you guys provide us even though you now only do 32-Bit versions again due to the 64-Bits not doing well so you discontinued them but there was a reason for them not doing well back then but now there is a reason to bring them back. Windows or Mac 64-Bit is now the standard OS on a new computer since now in 2016 and all new PC's have it installed as the default OS. We now actually require this version that takes full advantage of the extra 32-Bits in a 64-Bit system as it would mean for our version more system perfect emulations on the speed and accuracy across all the titles and being able to use the most powerful plugins with no slowdowns unlike on the 32-Bits. It was rare and you did have to install it yourself on a supported internal hardware if you wanted Windows 7 "where it started properly" 64-Bit for both the 2009 and 2013 64-Bit versions of VBA-M but now we all have this hardware anyway if we had to replace our computers which I did have to this year after 10 years of all day use on the old Vista. I could go with using these classic revisions for my 64-Bit system which would take full advantag of my hardware but I wouldn't have the latest game fix updates and thats my problem being a 64-Bit computer guy now not having the latest updates on my now native version. Still I would like to thank you Bacon for creating such a great VBA related revival project which this VBA-M is because since it stopped too early original VBA never had a 64-Bit version yet alone a 2 failed attempts to bring it to us on VBA-M back when 64-Bit was such a rarity and we had to install Windows 7 64-Bit ourselves over our computers existing Vista 32-Bit OS if we wanted it back then and even then it had to be a Quad Core which supports the 64-Bit OS to be able to install the rareity to begin with. However this 3rd time I can promise you that the 64-Bit build will not fail this time as I would get it for one due to owning a 2016 PC now due to my Vista blue screening due to 10 years straight all day use which is like 20 years of non all day use for the poor thing to handle. The fact is most Toshiba Sattelite Laptops during Windows 7 era started the trend off that every computer Desktop and Laptop ever since the Sattelite had 64-Bit pre installed as standard by then and now in Windows 10 era it's definitely all 64-Bit. I think the future of VBA-M is using 64-Bit to it's full advantage which is a must now with everyone going that way after computers blowing and perhaps someone maintaining the existing 32-Bit for Vista, XP and early 7 PC's builds on the side for tose who were lucky and still have living computers with those OS installed. Sorry about making 3 different posts on this topic but 64-Bit is a must now and I think it's a requirement to bring it to everyone with a versions attension that we need it now and that it is our future as we can archeive our emulation perfection once we take advantage of 64-Bit hardware to the fullest making a core version that is made for it. Melchior in this thread definitely has 64-Bit as well so obviously he wants it as well looking at his system stats and probably everyone else who now has 64-bit so why we have to keep on a revision way behind the current 2016 SVN which is currently only in 32-Bit flavor is beyond me as although it was rare then it's the norma now and thats why we need it. He has Octo Core as well and a maxed out 16GB RAM now that is a current rare thing to see as Octo's are only just starting to exist but the 64-Bit and Quad Core isn't rare anymore so we do need a version to take advantage and it shouldn't be discontinued anymore for not doing very well back in those days as those days where you had to install it yourself are not relevent anymore guys. The future is now, the future is taking full advantage of 64-Bits. That is my hope for the future of VBA-M anyway starting from scratch entirely on the 64-Bit side to take every advantage of 64-Bit hardware and it's multiple 4-8 cores whilst someone is maintaining the 32-Bit version from when it is at the moment at the same time so 64-Bit guys can use and enjoy both versions until the new starting from scratch 64-Bit one has surpassed the 32-Bit so we then can wipe the 32-Bit verson off and use 64-Bit full time then. It shouldn't take too long to get that far on the new 64-Bit version if we use a mix of the last 2009 and last 2013 ones as a bit of ground code to base the starting from scratch thing from and then we can build up from that putting all the fixes we did to the 32-Bit SVN ones from 2013-2016 into the new code too whilst also bringing fresh code to the picture taking advantage of our 64-Bit hardware hopefully getting the still dodgey looking games in 32-Bit currently working somewhat properly in the process as the extra power surely would help somewhat make getting them final games running almost system perfect archeivable too. Maybe I'm a bit too optimistic about getting 64-Bit revived and thinking it would sort the problems with emulating those final games perfectly from the beginnning of the revival but at least it would give us fresh ground which takes advantage of powerhouse 64 Windows and Mac PC hardware.
  2. I talked about this in a later SVN release already but it's now time to make it a proper feature request in the request forum. All our old crusty faithful XP and Vista machines after 10 years of being used most of the time all day are all starting to blue screen so we are all now having to buy new Macs and Windows 10s to replace this old useage damaged 10 year old 32-Bit hardware. Since now in 2016 all these new systems now run on the back in 2009 and 2013 so obscore that the only way to get it on your PC was to install it yourself if your hardware supported it 64-Bit OS versions which are now the default and no longer the rarity and have backwards compatibility with the 32-Bits. But having the 64-Bit versions revived especially for the new computers in mind means more power to go towards system perfect emulation accuracy as well as being able to run all the fancy screen plugin effects that makes it look like a 19" real GBA screen without slowdowns happening on your almost system perfect emulation whilst you would get a few slowdowns on a 32-Bit version if you had effects and perfect emulation at the same time even on your 64-Bit machine due to it not taking advantage of our extra 32-Bit's worth of CPU grunt. Yeah, I feel the time for a 64-Bit VBA-M revival is now so I can rock it on my new 64-Bit hardware archietecture on a native version that takes advantage of all my extra power. I respected the opinion to remove it when 64-Bit was a rarity but now that it's the norm I really would like to see it revived as soon as possible either by 2.0 Beta 4 or the next SVN as an extra download option.
  3. Nice. It's a shame that 64-Bit was discontinued since the VisualBoyAdvance347_x64 and wxvbam-64-svn1159 builds of VBA-M though. Most of the worlds old faithful XP and Vista machines are now 10 years old and starting their blue screening and hard drive and equiptment failing phaze other than those who have been lucky. In essence most people are being forced onto 7 - 10 now due to the aging hardware breakdowns just like by case in Janurary this year on my old Vista PC and most pre loaded OS versions on the new computers use the 64-Bit which means if a 64-Bit is maintained more silky smooth movements on the screen and better emulation for those with PC's who can handle it like I can now. I hope 2.0 Beta 64Bit or 2.0 SVN Beta in 64-Bit comes out soon as it's very much needed now but thanks for the good work on the now outdated for most people 32-Bit version as a lot of us need this too those still on old faithful XP for example. I wanted to post this on the following build but had to post it on the earlier one as the latest is blocked but yeah us with upgraded hardware needs our powerhouse version revived from the depths of the not so up to date 2009 and 2013 death brinks because all new PC's are 64-Bit now it's no longer an obscore rareity Windows build but the main one of Windows 10 although 32-Bit stuff does work but doesn't work with the full OS power running it because it's 32-Bit. I think if we at VBA-M were to revive 64-Bit at all now is definitely the time to do so now that all new PC's are headed that way as their default OS arcitecture. Yeah, guys please provide us with a version again to take advantage of our new hardware. Yeah it was a bit silly starting in 2009 and 2013 when every new computer still was being issued with the 32-Bit Windows OS and I agree with you stopping after those few tries as 64-Bit was obscore then but now Windows 10 64-Bit in 2016 is the pre installed OS for everyone so it's a different kettle of fish and we now need the double decker option of 32/64-Bit installs. Yeah, I appreciate the discision to stop the build whilst it wasn't doing very well due to many people being stuck on the 32's but now that the blue screens are happening and we are buying Windows 10 64s to replace our old dead systems now is the time for a good old 64-Bit peminent revival in 2016. Obviously it's not a request just a notice that most PC's are now 64-Bit and we need this version back on a perminent revival as it was an old version that was discontinued and we need it for our new hardware although the 32-Bit will work fine but it just wouldn't be as system emulation perfect than a 64-Bit version on the 64-Bit system as a 64-Bit system is able to handle more emulation power for smoother system emulation of even this 32-Bit pocket hardware.