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    possible FF VI door bug

    Thanks, that was the mistake.:angel: There you go: the package including a .sav, a .smg and the screenie again. I use the European version (language: german). Best Regards TheTitan
  2. TheTitan

    possible FF VI door bug

    For some strange reasons I'm apparently not allowed to attach things in my posts: everytime this message: this type of file is not allowed to be uploaded. Why? Best regards, TheTitan
  3. TheTitan

    possible FF VI door bug

    Hi all. While playing, I encountered some strange graphics (might also be correct this way) in FFVI in a cave. This happens after having Terra picked up again (shortly after Vector), entering a flame cave. Is this correct this way? Seems a little strange to me. Best regards TheTitan pic: http://img231.imageshack.us/img231/1751/doorbug.jpg
  4. TheTitan

    VisualBoyAdvance-M 891

    Thanks for the installer, works great! It migth be an idea to use the official vba-m logo in the installer instead of the general icon with the arrow. Deinstalling works decently, no matter I won't need it at all :banana:. Best regards, TheTitan
  5. TheTitan

    Request: Remove OpenAL support from Windows build

    I would totally agreee with that, if you ask me.:angel:
  6. TheTitan

    Request: Remove OpenAL support from Windows build

    I think this may be reasonable. Pros are just overwhelming in relation to cons. Never used OpenAl myself. Best regards, TheTitan
  7. TheTitan

    Titlebar Update saying VBA-M

    Thank you so much. At least even me could contribute something to this "holy" project of emulation. I'm proud of being able to use vba-m. Please go on with the great work. Best Regards, TheTitan
  8. TheTitan

    VisualBoyAdvance-M 886.1

    Hi Zach, great to see some live on this forums again. Would you mind compiling this build 886 originally just as spacy51 has created it? Without any changes applied by you? I can't compile myself, so I hope you consider to do it for the great vba-m community out there :banana_beam_up: This would be just fantastic!! Best regards, TheTitan EDIT: btw, would you all mind having a look @ my suggestions I posted today ?
  9. TheTitan

    Titlebar Update saying VBA-M

    Hi guys out there. I just recommend updating the titlebar saying something like VisualBoyAdvance-M instead of VisualBoyAdvance only. This would help confused people, as some may think they still use original VBA instead of the newly downloaded VBA-M. Also, this project would entirely deserve this new name, imho. Best regards, TheTitan
  10. TheTitan

    File type icons for gb/gba

    Thank you for your ideas, I just love your effort to improve and enhence this emulator to perfection. Please go on to do so. I really appreciate the work of all the developers. Best regards, TheTitan btw: I'm German, too. I come from Thuringia.:banana_cool:
  11. very nice thanks for the great work hope linking will once able netplay greetings
  12. TheTitan

    Nice to see the forum back up..

    I just can agree, please keep up the great work, it's really great Greetings, TheTitan
  13. TheTitan

    Frame Skip

    Hey guys, just registered a few minutes ago. I really love this ,emulator, it's continuing the famous work of vba. But there's really one thing I'm still missing - the automatic frame skip option! I always used to play on vba with this option , to me it meant the best gaming experience on an emulator. I've no idea of programming and I'm honouring the whole vba-m-team (especiylly mudlord), but could you please include this option from the "old" vba? Curious about your new release! TheTitan