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  1. C. V. Reynolds

    GBC boot code support

    I was actually just about to ask about the GBC bios when I found this. So, the GBC used different bios than the GB, then?
  2. C. V. Reynolds

    VBA-M doesn't seem to read UPS patch files right

    Here. Thanks for checking.
  3. C. V. Reynolds

    VBA-M doesn't seem to read UPS patch files right

    Could you tell me why that is please? What's the difference between the Fire Emblem patch and the Mother 3 patch that would make one work and not the other?
  4. C. V. Reynolds

    Screen capture crash

    As mentioned in my other thread, VBA-M always will crash for me if I try to use screen capture. It will produce a corrupted image as well. This is on version SVN891.
  5. C. V. Reynolds

    VBA-M doesn't seem to read UPS patch files right

    I'm not sure where to put this bug report, but I'll try here. I have an IPS and a UPS that both change a ROM image in the EXACT same way. I tested with a hex editor. However, only the IPS, when placed in the appropriate folder, will cause any change in the game when soft-patched. In this case, it is a English translation patch for Fire Emblem - Fuuin no Tsurugi. The UPS, despite causing the same effect as the IPS when hard-patched, just doesn't seem to be read by VBA-M's soft-patching ability at all. This is strange, because it can read the Mother 3 English translation patch just fine. And yes, the files are all named correctly. I have the newest VBA-M (SVN891), but this problem occurred in every version I've ever used. I took some pictures, though I think they may be useless for this bug. I copied the images from my monitor because, for some reason, VBA-M is crashing when I try to screen capture. The differences in color around the "Press start" is because the green aura flashes as a part of the normal game.
  6. C. V. Reynolds

    Directory for patch files

    Hi. I think it would be nice if VBA-M allowed the user to choose a directory for patch files (IPS, UPS, etc) instead of making the user place them in the folder containing ROM images. At the least, it should contain a default directory that is stored alongside the EXE like the battery and saves folders.