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  1. fRikimaru

    VisualBoyAdvance-m 2.0.1

    Every year I come back here searching for a new version of the best emulator looking for a gamma, bright option, but never comes. The emulator has been enhanced almost to perfection but still has the bright issue, i wonder if someday it is going to be fixed.
  2. fRikimaru

    Gamma and Brightness Correction

    Hi. First of all, sorry for my english. I really love vba. It is my favorite gba emulator. Every version is better and better than previous ones, but I am always expecting a gamma, bright and contrast regulator every time I get a new version. As Lorentz says, vba screen is too bright. Of course you can change the windows screen parametrers but then you have to change them back every time you finish using the emulator because they are too dark for another pc uses. That's all, in every other aspect I think the emulator is perfect.