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    Odd diagonal issue

    Hello. I'm using VBA-M 2.00 and I'm having kind of a strange issue. I'm using a Dual Shock 3 controller through MotioninJoy to emulate a 360 controller and when I press a direction, it refuses to let go of that direction. I'm playing Magical Vacation. Let me give you an example: Say I'm holding left to make my character walk left. If I tap up, they'll start walking diagonally left+up, however if I let go of either left or up in this case they'll maintain momentum. If I let go and press a different cardinal direction then they'll alter course towards the new diagonal, so say I let go of up to press down, my new direction would be left+down. I confirmed this doesn't happen with a keyboard, but I'm pretty lost as to how to fix it. If this is relevant at all, it doesn't happen with regular VBA version 1.8, and I've never had this problem with any kind of steam game or any other emulator so it has to be an issue with VBA-M. The emulator is also pretty fickle with savestates. It crashes a lot, but that's a problem for another topic. Right now I just want to get the controls working because this is the only emulator I've found that doesn't make Magical Vacation's audio sound like projectile vomit.